Monday, February 2, 2009


Alrighty then...Will Blogger behave today and let me post the pictures I want to post and place them where I want to place them? Let's see...

Ahh...Perfect...That's one of the pictures I wanted to share last time. An adorable baby picture. Can you guess who it is? It's not me. That picture is older than me! That adorable, little, chubby-cheeked baby is none other than Steve. Wasn't he a cutie? I absolutely adore this photo. I scanned it into the computer to use at my own will. I love the hair...Monkey's hair was like that.

Check out Mr Smiles! I don't know how old Steve is here. I'm guessing three or four. Rocking the early 80's tight fitting sweater. Want to know why I love this picture so much? Look at that smile...He still has that same smile. His nose still scrunches up a little like he's laughing at some unknown joke. That's not his posing smile; that's his real smile. And look at how blonde he was!

I don't really have much scrappy news to share. I had tried out for a couple of design teams, but never made it. I think Steve's more upset about it than I am. I may not be design team worthy, but I'm okay with that.

Lastly (scrappy related)....Check it out...I'm featured here for the month.

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Lori said...

If i had a design team you'd be on it Jen! I see how far you've progressed creatively and your work just now is just amazing! Plus huge congrats on your scrapscene debut and your latest toots! You just haven't found the DT thats totally right for you yet!