Friday, August 21, 2009

Another Friday Morning

I missed Fave Fives last week. Life got in the way, but it was all good. I can't remember what the heck we did last Friday that kept me busy. Whatever it was, I was with the kids.
So I'm back this week. Is it really Friday? Are we sure about this Because it feels like Wednesday to me. This week has been so long and completely short all at the same time. I'm exhuasted from last week, the crazy weekend and a day at the beach. Even Monkey's feeling it. He's been going to bed at 8 most evenings (there was an execption; we didn't get home until 9:30-ish on Wednesday from our day at the beach) and he doesn't wait up until 10-ish the next morning. I am personally loving it. I get to play online and/or scrap since I get up much earlier.

My mojo took a mini vacation. The only scrapping I've done this past week was on Tuedays (Steve's card) and yesterday. And I only spent about an hour in total at my desk yesterday. Too tired. Hopefully today I'll get some scrapping. It's a rainy day so the possiblity is high. I just have to remember to run out to Food Basics to pick up peanut butter sometime today. We don't need it, but $1.99 for a 1kg jar! At that price it can sit in the cupboard for the week it'll take us to work through our current small jar. Peanut butter is such a staple in our household.
And now, on to the faves...

1. Okay, you knew this was coming, right? Peanut butter! Kraft smooth, please. Its the peanut butter of choice in our household. One thing both Steve and I cannot wrap our heads around is his two old kids fear of chunky peanut butter. Every single time one of us offers peanut butter to them, they ask if its chunky and then procced to flip out over how they don't like chunky...Before we even anwser their question! Either one of us get it. We always have smooth. We have never purchased chunky. So why the freak out every time? Daily sometimes! I just don't get it. And to the chunky peanut butter lovers out there...I have nothing against chunky. I would happily eat it too if smooth were unavailable.
2. Cosmo Cricket's The Boyfriend line. It is seriously such a cute line. I can't wait to have it in my greedy little hands.
3. This bedroom set. I seriously want it for Monkey's room. I have talked myself out of it for now since Monkey only has a toddler bed. I've been wanting to do up Monkey's room in those fun, bright orange, blue and green colours for a while now.
4. LUDVIG laptop work station from Ikea. I want this for my laptop. Right now, we don't have a spare wall to hang this, but maybe when we get a bigger place. We are looking right now for a house in the Kitchener-Waterloo area...So if you've got a 3-4 bedroom house for rent down there...Contact me!
5. This Ikea chair! I love, love, love it! I can totally see myself curling up in it with a book. Wouldn't it look lovely with some chartreuse throw pillows? The brown would go nicely with my living room set, but chartreuse pillows wouldn't. My living room set is like a army green colour. But my bedroom set is the same rich brown as the chair.

Can you tell I love Ikea? One of Steve and my first dates was at Ikea. I helped to decorate his apartment. We still have almost everything we picked out that day.

Well, I'm heading off to my scrap corner before Monkey gets up.

Until next time...


Pamela said...

I need to do a whole list of IKEA stuff I gotta' have too!!... That's easy to do!... PS... I love chunky PB!!!

Jill said...

OHHH! I have to go check out that line.

Mine went through a chunky PB thing as well. But we have bought it. Now we buy natural PB so sometimes it isn't completely smooth and she seems OK with it.

I wish I had an Ikea near me :(

Aeify said...

I have never even seen Kraft brand peanut butter!!! I love pb too!!! One of my fav things of all time. I like the Swenson's natural that you have to stir, but Jiff is my fav reg brand.

Jill said...

That chair looks SO comfy.

I just got a box of goodies last night and The Boyfriend collection was in it -- it's AMAZING up close. Wow and wow and wow, I say. You're going to LOVE it.

pink4u said...

We have a new Ikea about an hour away..I really need to check that place out. Everything I see from there is so cool!!!
Take care!!
Joanie :)

Kaytee said...

Hey Jen!! Love that bedroom set and that chair!!! Hope you had a great weekend!!