Saturday, August 1, 2009

Good morning, August!

Wow! August is here already? Where did July go?

Steve likes to tease me about the amount of pictures I take. Most months, I upload anywhere from 200-450 pictures. That's not counting the pictures I deem unworthy of uploading. There's a ton of those too. I usely just blow off Steve's good natured teasing with a smile, thinking to myself, there's other people who must take more than me. July blew by with only 100 pictures getting uploaded...And that's including the pictures from yesterday. I must have taken a subconscience vacation from my camera.

With August comes all new sketches from So Sketchy. The first sketch, which was so fun to play with, went up today. Here's my layout:

I've had a roll of masking tape sitting on my desk for a couple of months now. I finally decided to use it. I love this picture of Monkey. It was taken at his Poppa and Grandma's house in Stoney Creek.
Check out the sketch here.

Did you know if you do the sketches and email them in to Ally you could win a prize? This month, So Sketchy has a sponsor. Little Paper Shop has some fabulous stamps. You'll see what the design team has done with their stamps this month. Do some sketches for a chance to win some super cute stamps yourself!

And I'm going to leave you with one more layout.
I have a case of serious Baby Fever. I've been going through Monkey's baby pictures...Scraping up all the ones I haven't yet. Or re-scrapping my favourites. This picture is Monkey in the hospital. I can't remember if it was the day he was born, or the day afterwards. I miss my little baby. I love my giantic toddler, but he doesn't cuddle the same anymore. He's too big now. At least, I get hugs and kisses now.

Until next time...

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