Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Birthday Cards

Monkey and I sat down yesterday to make some birthday cards for Steve. It was a lot of fun. And I feel like I'm making progress with card making.

Here's the front of Monkey's card. As a mommy...I'm very proud of him. He's starting to understand colouring in the lines. He seems to like colouring around pictures, rather than the pictures themselves.
I won't bother showing you the inside of the card. Monkey coloured it to the point of almost not being able to read the birthday wish. And he was so proud of himself. "Ook, Daddy, ook!"
Since I am not a card maker; and I really have no clue of where to start. I scraplifted my card. Just the design of it. And I think it turned out rather cute.
Today, Monkey and I might be heading out to the beach. Monkey's first time. Hope my camera batteries aren't too low.
Until next time...

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