Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fave Thursday

I am going here tomorrow...

The plan is to leave early so we can be there around open (10am). It's an hour and a half roughly from where I live. My mother is driving. My sister is coming too. We'll see how close to 10 we'll get there. Those two like to take their time in the morning. Then again...So does Monkey.

Monkey has been talking non-stop about farm animals lately. He wants to see them up close. He wants to visit a farm. We're in the middle of farm country and I can't find a petting zoo anywhere! The closest one is at Waterloo Park in the city. So after some web surfing last night, I found Story Book Gardens; located in London. They have a petting zoo. As well as wild animals and waterfront animals. Goats, turkeys, lynx, ducks, seals and more. Plus there's lots of little activities to keep little ones busy. I already have my camera good to go with extra batteries and a clear memory card.

So since I won't be around tomorrow, I thought I would do my faves today.
Here we go:
1. Tiger Balm. It's stinky, but oh so loverly on aches! My mother came by with a jar of the stuff on Tuesday. I rubbed it on and within seconds a wonderful warm sensation came over me. It was like using a heat pad with the pad. I don't like the stink too much, but love the relief this stuff has to offer.

2. Oreo Ice Cream Sandwiches. Once you've gone Oreo, there's no turning back! These are super delish! We bought some last week. They were on sale at Zehrs; two boxes for $4.99. Yummy!
3. Fresh Green Beans from the garden. Not my garden. I don't have one. I have such a black thumb, I'd kill it in a second. But my mom has a good green thumb. She had planned on her garden being bigger this year, but thanks to the cancer, its smaller. Yesterday I got a big basket of green beans. They were gone before we went to bed last night. And they were wonderful.

4. Fresh Raspberries. Since I'm on the garden thing. Mom also has a couple of large raspberry bushes. A basket of raspberries don't last long here either. We like to pick and eat right off the bushes too. With a gentle reminder not to eat the any at the bottom of the bush. There's always a chance Hercules might have peed on them. Hercules, by the way, loves raspberries too. He'll do anything for one!

5. Tara's Blog. Tara offers great challenges throughout the month. Do her challenges and you get a chance to win some wonderful giveaways. This month's giveaway is a 7 Gypsies Binderie! I almost don't want to share her blog with you because then you might start doing her challenges and get ballots for the prize and win. The smaller amount of entries...The greater my chance of winning is. The greedy side of me doesn't want to share this gem of a blog with you. But since Tara is so awesome, I am sharing.

Tomorrow, over at weScrap, there is going to be a HUGE announcement made. I am so excited about this. It's great news!

Until next time...


Allison Cope said...


The binding tool is actually for weScrap!

Jill said...

Ohh I love fresh green beans! We have been eating them like crazy! Grilled and all.

pink4u said...

I love raspberries!!! (with vanilla ice cream)
Hope you had fun yesterday.
Did you ever get your pink skulls?
Going to check out Tara's Blog
Enjoy your weekend!!
Joanie :)

Kaytee said...

My mom is big on gardening too! Although all the rain we've been having is destroying the tomatoes! Great fives! I hope you had a good weekend!!