Friday, August 28, 2009

Fave time already?

Is it that time of the week already? Friday? Really? I spent most of yesterday thinking it was Wednesday. I'm not too sure if I'm ready for today to be Friday.
Let's move on to the Faves before I'm done my coffee and move away from the computer.
1. I'm starting to look at toys and mentally prepare myself for Christmas. This penguin bowling game is simply too cute! I adore it. Maybe Santa will bring one to Monkey.

2. I'm not too sure what this guy is suppost to be, but he's adorable. To me, he looks like a square-ish turd monster or something.
3. C is for Cooking, a Sesame Street cookbook. We borrowed this book from the library in July. We still have it. I keep renewing it. We've only tried one recipe out of it so far; chinese meatballs with sesame rice. We added ginger to the meatballs. They're great and the kids all like them.

4. My ballet flats. This are my favourite shoes. I'm sure I've had them here on my list before. But they deserve to be here again. They are the best shoes ever. Cute, comfy and go with most of my clothes.

5. Little construction boots. Along with overalls, every little boy needs a pair of construction boots. At least, that's what I think. Monkey will be getting another pair of these boots in the weeks to come. He's outgrown his current pair over the summer. I can't believe my baby is wearing toddler size 8 already!
My coffee is now done and I have a little monkey who wants to read a book.
Until next time...


Jill said...

Squarish Turd Monster!!!!! HAHAHA That's awesome! That bowling set looks fun. I want to start making my gifts soon...

Kaytee said...

I love those ballet flats!!! I so need to grab a pair. I think they call that turd monster thing Domo and he is a mascot for a Japanese TV channel. And YES he is adorable!!! Have a great weekend!!

Jill said...

I WANT those ballet flats! They're PERFECT!

JJ Sobey said...

The monster is Domo Kun, from Japanese tv. and yes, he's adorable!!