Monday, August 24, 2009

Bo Bunny Love

Once upon a time, when I first discovered scrapbooking, I loved Bo Bunny. Back in October/ November 2007. I would buy anything Bo Bunny that crossed my path. After some sticker sneezes and a few what-the-heck's, I shyed away from Bo Bunny. I stayed far, far away.
But then, I walked into my local scrapbook store and saw the new releases from Bo Bunny staring me proudly in the face. Their look-at-me colours and designs had me at first glance. How beautiful are these?...
There are plenty more from Bo Bunny that I admire, but Blogger is not being kind today. I'm having trouble moving pictures around. But aside from that, aren't these pictures I was able to get up lovely? And there are beautiful stamps, flowers and rub-ons to go with each of their new lines.
Until next time...

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