Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Card Making --- Me?

Some of you know that I am not a cardmaker.
For those who didn't know...You do now.
I have only made two cards before. Both were for challenges. Both sucked; big time!
Well, I went ahead and made a card. It will be mailed out of someone. I guess the desire to make someone else happy was what I needed to make a half decent card.
Check it out...
Here's the outside of the card. Where the tree and house pop up over top of the card is actually cut out. You can see the cut marks on the inside (or the back) of the card. I used a mix of Sassafras Lass (the clouds), Fancy Pants (the house and birdie), October Afternoon (apples), Pink Paislee (sign) and cardstock (scraps, so I'm not sure which brand), cardboard, chalk and ink.

Here's the inside of the card. Notice the cut marks?
I tried to make another card. This is as far as I got:

The owl is actually sitting in a cicrle cut out. So when you open the card he's still there. I had fun with the owl. I stamped him and then painted him in with markers. Yes, painted. I coloured marker on my paint tray, dipped a brush into water and then swirled it around the marker on the tray. Turns it into a cool, almost water colour, look. But now I'm stuck to what else to add to the card. Something will come to me, I'm sure.

Now making these cards has turned my tiny area into a distaster zone! I have a very small area to scrap in. About 6 Jen-Feet by 8 Jen-Feet. Jen-Feet are measured by my own two feet. I wear a size 8 (roughly). You can do the math if you want to, or just take it from me; it's a small space. And it houses everything. My desk, chair and supplies.

This is the mess these cards made on my desk. And it's still a mess. I'll have to clean up before going back to working on some DT assignments.

Until next time...


elina said...

Your card RAWKS!!! Maybe you would like to send it to me.... haha!!

OhPleaseWork said...

These are fantastic!! It is so much fun when a "risk" works out. I would love to see the owl completed.