Friday, June 19, 2009

Notebook and Fave Friday

Welcome to Friday!
How's your day going so far?
Since I'm eating lunch while typing this, I thought I would do a fave five on food.

1. Sesame Chicken. How the heck did I get to 27 years old and never had sesame chicken before this week? I like chicken. I ~love~ sesame seeds. Combine the two and how could it not be a hit with me? (photo credit to

2. Hot Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches. It's a Rachel Ray one. It's simple to make and very good. Like a hot wing on a bun. I omit the blue cheese sauce, but Steve loves it. I dip mine in sour cream.

3. Garlic Bread. I could eat garlic bread every day of the week. I also decided I couldn't find a garlic bread that was garlic-y enough for me. I started making my own. And it's really easy too. Too easy, actually. I'm not too sure why I never bothered before. Weird fact about me: I don't like melted cheese on my garlic bread.

4. Pesto Tortellini. I had never had tortellini or pesto before I met Steve. It was the first dinner he had cooked for me. It not only was delish, but it won a spot in my heart.

5. Steve & Jen's Homemade Pizza. I don't have an actual picture of our pizza. I found a picture online. Steve and I decided to wing making our own pizza. It started out as a garlic and mushroom pizza with an alfredo sauce. That was good. The next time we added chicken. I think we've also added sausage and bacon before too. One day, I want to add spinach too. We also make a mean Hawaiian pizza too. We both want to try pizza cooked on the BBQ.

I finished up my notebook/journal (whatever you wanna call it) yesterday. I think it turned out rather cute. It's nice and simple. I didn't want anything popping off the cover so it can go through the abuse I have in store for it. I have a large Roots canvas bag I use to tote around our library books. Books go in and out of this thing a lot! My little notebook will get tossed in the lot too.

The notebook was put together by myself. I used thick cardboard for the cover. I covered the cardboard with paper from Sassafras Lass' Hog Heaven collection. The trims used were from Vintage Yummy. Some rub-on letters and tiny alphas and I was done.
The hardest part of this notebook was sewing the pages together. I did it all with thread and a needle. I lost my piercer months ago (I think I accidently threw it out in a mound of paper trash). Every hole was poked with a needle.

I have never wished for a sewing machine more than I did making this. But I love the outcome. And see? I've used the book already. It has a few recipes jotted down to try.
Until next time...


Aeify said...

Now I'm STARVING! Love the faves and the note book is FAB...I think maybe an ice pick would also do great duty as a paper piercer if you have one in a kitchen drawer.

Jill said...

I'm so hunnnngry now.

Jill said...

OMG everything looks so darn tasty even at 644 in the AM. HA LOL! Love you book! SASSy!

pink4u said...

I am STARVING too...the food is making me have really good taste!!

Your notebook is super cute!!!

Kaytee said...

Oh wow I am so hungry after your faves!!! But I have to say that I love that notebook!!! Adorable!