Friday, June 12, 2009

Faves and Layouts

Friday is here once more. It feels like Thursday to me.
This week, I'm going to do my fave 5's of the local library.

1. The Toy Train Set. At first, I hated that the library put up this little, wooden train set. Once Monkey starts playing, he doesn't want to leave. Today though, he asked to leave when I was in the middle of copying out a recipe from a magazine. Maybe he's getting better.

2. Bean Bag Chairs & Blocks. I love that the kids' section has large bean bag chairs to sit on and blocks to play with. It keeps Monkey entertained for a little bit while I pick out books. Monkey normally only picks out a book or two his self. If I let him near the shelves for too long, all the books end up on the floor. He's still learning to put them back. There's also a nice cushioned bench there to read on. We used to read the books there and come home empty handed. We have just started borrowing books.
3. DVD Selection. I honestly never noticed the DVDs before this week. Given there's more VHS tapes there than DVDs, but we still found movies to borrow. Earlier this week, Monkey borrowed a Christmas Wiggles DVD. It was a little strange to listen to Christmas music, but he enjoyed it. Today we picked up Horton Hears A Who and a Thomas & Friends DVD.

4. Public Restrooms. Mens, Womens, and an extra one for handicaps & Parents with babies. I don't like using public restrooms. It has nothing to do with germs. I just don't like the lack of privacy. And I can't stand dirty restrooms! Thankfully, the ones at the library are nice and clean. And I had a proud Mommy Moment today when Monkey asked to use the potty and used the "big potty" while I provented him from falling in. Whoo hoo! Do I see an end to diapers coming soon? Maybe.

5. Outside the Library. Our local library has a gorgeous area just out front. One could forget they are in a downtown core when sitting amongst the pillars and plants. I took Monkey there last weekend in hopes of getting charming pictures. Instead, I ended up with a ton of pictures of Monkey playing peek-a-boo among the pillars. Not what I was going for. I'll try again another day.

And I have a couple of layouts to share.

This one was done with my last Bad Girls kit. I painted with Glimmer Mist to tie everything together. It was a lot of fun to make. I loved the 7 Gypsies cards we got in the kit, but they were all bigger than I wanted for this layout. I cut out the smaller versions on the packaging to use instead.

I had fun with this one. I was going to grunge it up a little bit, but ended up liking it this way. I did this for a challenge I posted at wescrap this morning. Scrap a subject or thing instead of a person. My subject..."Mommy has a skull Obession." I buy up skull clothing for Monkey like it's going out of style. I love it!

Until next time...


Lori said...

Gorgeous layouts Jen! Love the toes one- such great colours, and I may have a small skull obsession too!

Jill said...

Great LO's! Trains are fun! My nephew is a Geo Trax nut. We buy him a piece nearly every holiday. It's a huge set now!

Kaytee said...

I love the LOs!!! It's great that you have such a nice public library in your area!

Angie's Scrappin Spot said...

Hey Jen.. love the trains.. and great layouts love the toes one.. I left you something on my blog.. a tag and an award.. check it out.
xx Ang