Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I can't afford rising prices anymore.
The juice I used to buy Monkey exactly a year ago has gone from $0.99 to $1.99. Crackers have gone up in price; apples have gone up; frozen juices (not fruit drinks; I don't buy those) have gone up; bread and yogurt have gone up. Heck, even the no name training pants we buy have gone up from $13.99 for a pack of 44 to $16.99! It's cheaper to buy Pull-Ups with a Huggies coupon when they go on sale.
Gas, food, diapers, training pants, books, crayons, bubbles and even scrapbooking products are all going up.
I got my renewal for my car insurance yesterday and it too had gone up! How the heck does someone who has a picture perfect driving record get their rate raised by $356 a year? I, of course, called up my broker and bitched her out. I was able to get my rates down $450.
I need a job.
Or, I need to get accepted into nursing school.
Which ever comes first.
I'm working hard at getting in to school through a government funded program. Anything I have to do to make sure my little Monkey gets everything he needs and maybe a little extra. It would be nice to know I can send him to college someday. Or buy myself a car that won't sit broken down in the driveway for a couple of months.
Sorry for the negative rant here. I'm seriously not too grumpy. Tomorrow I have good news to share that has made me very happy.
Until next time...


Just got my prize Shimmerz paint in the mail from a blog giveaway. Many thanks to Jeni! I love the pretty shimmery paint!

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