Friday, June 26, 2009

Fave Clothes

Why do I, as of lately, sit down to do my fave five's at lunch time? All I can think about is the food that is beside me. It's probaby because I am unable to eat and eat alone. I have to do something else. Watch TV (which no longer holds my interest durning the day), read or surf the net. Since Monkey decided to start sleeping through lunch a couple of months ago, I'm on my own.

Seeing how I found a pair of capris in my closet this morning I didn't know I had (and that fit! There's lots of pre-Monkey clothes in there I'm holding onto with the hopes I'll fit in them again someday); I'm going to do my faves on clothes.

1. My fave shirt in my closet: My Curious George shirt. I love the retro George that I grew up with. Sure, the newly designed George is cute. 80's style George just rocks more.

2. My Roots Travel Pants. Seriously the most comfortable pair of pants I own. Take yoga pants, make them even more comfy than they already are and you have these pants.

3. I love my terry capris! Mine are yellow, but I wouldn't mind a black pair. I love to wear them for Monkey and my daily walks.

4. I don't own this dress, but majorly love it!

5. Hoodies. I love my hoodies. I have 7, I think. I'd wear a hoodie every day if given the chance.

And those are my faves for the day. Not my top faves, but faves anyway.
And to sum it all up...
Because I know you're all nosey out there...
My lunch was a sesame seed bagel with light herb & garlic cream cheese with carrots and cucumber slices on the side. Delicious! Which just so happens to be Monkey's newest word craze. Everything gets a "it's stinky" when I'm cooking and a "mmmm...delicious" when he eats it.
Until next time...


pink4u said...

Great post Jen!
That dress is so beautiful!!
Great comfy clothes always make me happy!!
Joanie :)

Aeify said...

I love how "stinky" food is sometimes the best...take pizza for instance. Okay, pizza is not nearly as healthy as your lunch was, but it's yummy anyway! Love your faves this week! I am a total clothes junkie!!!

Kaytee said...

I have to have that hoodie!!! I love it!!! I am not a big fan of capris because I hate my legs but I think those soft capris would be a good place to start! Love the curious george t-shirt!!! Have a great weekend!

Jill said...

That dress! That dress! That DRESS! Tell me more about it. It's gorgeous. Swoonworthy.

Anonymous said...

I love the dress and the travel pants!!! Great faves Jen!!!