Thursday, April 30, 2009


I have been scrap happy for the last couple of days. Most of my layouts I can't share just yet. Some are samples for my challenges over at WeScrap for the weekend crop. So much fun!

Here's one layout I can share:

Set Your Spirit Free

Look at that yummy Sassafras Lass paper! This is my entry for the monthly tote bag challenge over at Bad Girls. I tried to win a Bad Girls apron last year. I never did. Now Wendy is offering gorgeous tote bags.
This month our challenge was based off of a vintage 7-Up ad. It inspired me big time. I love what I came up with. I hand stitched a lot on this layout...And it was so worth it.
The two people dancing are my little sister and my father's cousin's husband...Did you follow that? Did I confuse you? He, as well as my dad's cousin, used to be a professional ballroom dancer. It's magical when they get on the dance floor!

Until next time...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Fave Friday once more

It's that time of the week again.

Thank you to the girls at Bad Girls for reminding me about Fave Friday. I would have forgotten again.

1. Soap & Glory products. Most of these I can use. Very mild. And they're packaging is too adorable!

2. Speaking of skin products...I also love Dirty Girl products.
3. Let's keep on the beauty faves train.
Next up is Nars lip gloss. Only the bestest lip gloss around; in my opinion. It's smooth, colourful and not yicky sticky. My fave shades are Chihuahua and Dolce Vita.
4. Too Faced cosmetics also rock. Adorable, inspiring packaging and awesome products inside. I love my lash injection mascara and my magic wand foundation.
5. Nivea Visage aqua sensation moisturizer. This is the best stuff I have tried. My skin is very sensitive and a little dry. Many moisturizers either dry me out more or leave me with rashy, blotchy skin. This one works beautifully!

And with that being said and done, I am going to go hunt down pictures to go along with my awesome Bad Girls April kit that arrived at my door this morning. Love it already and I haven't even played yet.

Until next time...

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Super, super excited!!

A fabulous time of the year is just around the corner!!

What day, you ask?

Well, National Scrapbooking Day, of course!

There's going to be fun events and contests going on all over the place. Make sure you stop in at WeScrap. We have an online crop planned with tons for fun!

Until next time..

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lazy Tuesday

How's your little corner of the world looking today?

Mine's dark and yucky. It's not raining like yesterday...Yet. There are some dark clouds rolling in. Making me wish for the beautiful warm-ish weather we had last week. Now I wish I would have taken more pictures last week so I would have something to scrap. Lately I haven't been digging my picture supply. If feels like I've scrapped every good and some not so good picture I have. I must figure out how to use up my other pictures; or I should have a few photo shoots with some family members.

Yesterday, my mom, Monkey and I went all the way to Mississauga (about two hours away) to pick up Monkey's big boy bed. It was a looonnng day! We got the bed first. Once it was safely in the van, we cruised the Erin Mills Mall. Had a fabo Asian noodle dish for lunch. Monkey had just noodles with black pepper. He ate almost the whole plate full. He's my noodle lover. Wish I had my camera because it would have made a super cute layout. Monkey also saw a fire truck stroller the mall offers. He loved it and wanted to play in it. We had to ~try~ to explain it is not our fire truck and we couldn't just play with it. He was not happy. Then we past the part of the mall that offers these fire trucks. Well, Monkey saw them and once again, wanted to play. He was strapped in his not-so-cool-next-to-the-fire-trucks orange stroller, so I just pushed him away. My mom got a kick out of Monkey's complaining. He didn't cry. He didn't scream. He didn't make a scene. He just sat there and muttered quietly in his little jibberish. "Jibberish-jibberish-jibberish-fire-truck-jibberish. Jibberish-fire-truck-jibberish-jibberish." Over and over again with the occassional arm wave and head shake. Next time...I get him a fire truck.
I also got to go into Osh-kosh. I ~heart~ Osh'kosh. There is nothing like a little boy in Osh'kosh overalls. Just too cute. And that's what Monkey got. A pair of denim overall shorts for the summer. Monkey has always had overalls, ever since he was a newborn. And I hardly have a picture of any of them. Monkey loved the play area Osh'kosh had set up. He tried making friends with the staff too. One lady was all about selling. If I looked at one thing for a half second, she was shouting out the price at me like we were at a market or something. She bugged me. Another one would all but run and had a look of sheer terror on her face when Monkey would run up to her to say hi. If she doesn't like kids, she needs a new job. Working in a kid's clothing store is not for her. The other just smiled at Monkey.

I got to go into Michaels! I walked out of there with nothing! I'm still a little shocked. And they had Prima on sale! I don't know how I did it. I didn't have a coupon. I think that helped.

Today, Monkey and I are having a hard time to get moving. I'm still working on my morning coffee and Monkey isn't dressed. There's a picture of him and my living room in its current state. Yes, that's a potty in front of Monkey. I'm not sure why he dragged it there. We've wasted the morning away, but after our busy day yesterday, I think it's well deserved. I was expecting a package this morning. My tracking number said it was out for delivery this morning, but no mail lady has been by. I wonder if it'll be here this afternoon with the letter mail man instead. Yes, we have two mail people. One's who do packages in the morning (early morning! Between 7-9am) and then another mail man who does letters, bills and magazines. He has sometimes deliveried packages small enough to fit in our mailbox. Maybe he has it. Or I'm going to have to make some phone calls....

Until next time...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Prettiness in Cancer Awareness

How pretty is this bracelet?
It's a lung cancer awareness bracelet. It can be purchased here.
As many of you know, my mother just finished her 7 week long treatment for lung cancer about a month ago. She's doing well. She still has most of her hair. She does have a wig she wears sometimes. It's super cute! She gets tired easily, but is bouncing back wonderfully. I'm very proud of her body's reaction to it all. We're still waiting to hear if she'll need surgery or not.
I wonder if I can find the right beads at the bead store in Waterloo and make one myself. I think it would have more meaning to me to make it myself.
Until next time...

Faves on Sunday

I am still having trouble with posting. Seems to be just a problem with Blogger. Hmm...
Anyways, I'm going to post my fave fives from Friday now.....

First up is this super cute toy by Melissa & Doug. It teachs colours, numbers, shapes and time. Monkey got one from my parents for his birthday. He knows his colours and can count to 16. This toy is good for making sure he doesn't forget. He also likes to put the shapes in their rightful places. Soon enough we'll work on telling time.

I seriously want this book! 200 recipes under 200 cals sounds good to me!

These shoes so remind me of Bert's shoes from Sesame Street. I love them! I really want to get a pair for Monkey, but he really doesn't have anything to match them.

Easter may be long gone by now, but my love for Mini Eggs lives on. These are like my drug. I would sell my left arm for a lifetime supply of Mini Eggs. Well, maybe not. But I do love them. I would take a bag of Mini Eggs over a box of Smarties and I love my Smarties!
I don't have any scrappy news to share. I really haven't been scrapping much. I have a few projects done, but I can't share yet. Soon enough. Between hurting my neck and shoulder and then just not feeling well, I haven't really felt like scrapping. The mojo's there, just not the drive. I sit at my desk and just prattle around.
We've also been getting beautiful weather lately. Monkey and I have been spending afternoons outside playing. He's having a ball.
Until next time....

Friday, April 17, 2009


Hmm...The day I decided I need to blog again I end up having issues with my computer. I can't cut and paste the lengthy post I wrote out in Word. Every time I try to paste in here my windows shuts down. I think my computer is sick. I'll have to have Steve look into it for me. Until then, I'll just have to wait to post the post. I'm not crazy enough to re-type it all here.

Until next time!....

Monday, April 6, 2009

Cool & Cold

Dude! I won! How cool is that?
Look here.
Thank you, Tara!!!!
Also, I woke up to snow this morning. It's still snowing right now. I thought Spring was here! Yesterday, Monkey wore a sweater outside. Today, I have to find his mittens. I really don't remember where I put them. That's what I get for not putting them back with his coat after I washed it.
He has the cutest little bear jacket my mother bought for him last year. It's beige. Boys and beige don't mix well. Heck, toddlers and beige don't mix well. We got through many months with this gorgeous coat staying nice and beige. And then I let Monkey have chocolate milk durning an outing. When we got home, Monkey and his lovely jacket were spotted brown. He looked more like a brown and beige cow than a cuddly teddy bear. So, into the wash the jacket went. It came out just as gorgeous as it was before the milk spills. I know I put away Monkey's mittens then, but don't know where I put them now. I hunting I shall go.
The crop over at weScrap was good. I didn't get any of the challenges done myself. But I can always play later. I did posted two challenges and a game.

I did this layout for a painting with flowers challenge. The pictures are from last Spring. I was lost on how to scrap them since they looked so girly to me. Then it hit me. Just do a girly-ish layout. I love how it turned out.
I also did a Stash Spring Cleaning. I have been trying to use up my old stash to make room for some new. I've been obessed with Sassafras Lass over the past few months. Almost all my huge stash of Sass is almost gone. Thank goodness for the paper pack of Hog Heaven I found at Micheals. That'll keep me going. This layout was inspired by the owl. He started my page.
And my game was to guess how many flower petals are in the jar. Steve and I sat down one night to plucked and count daisy petals. Guess he really does love me. I'm not going to post the amount here yet. I have yet to announce it at weScrap.

Until next time....

Saturday, April 4, 2009


I completely forgot about Fave Friday yesterday. I will remember next week...Maybe if I keep repeating that I will remember!
Stop by weScrap for more croppy goodness today and tomorrow!
Until next time...

Friday, April 3, 2009

Kraft Kuts

Okay...I am seriously in love with the new Kraft Kuts line from Fancy Pants Designs. Just look at how cute these are:
Seriously, seriously cute! How could you not love it?
Until next time...

Online Crop!

Come on over to weScrap! Starting today we have a fun filled online crop planned to start today until the end of the weekend.
Fun, fun, fun!!!
I'm so excited about it. It's my third online crop ever. Come scrap with me!
Until next time...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I have happily accepted a design team position at WeScrap. I am so excited about it!

We have a Spring Crop coming up this weekend.

Come by, have fun, chat it up, take part in challenges and play some games. There's even a little something from me. Hope to see you there!

Until next time...