Monday, June 30, 2008


Oh, July…On day away, July!!
I have a feeling this July is going to rock. So far there is so much to look forward to.
First there’s fireworks tonight in Goderich and tomorrow in Wingham. I’m a sucker for fireworks. I adore them with childish glee. I took Monkey to see fireworks twice last year when he was just a little infant. I was curious if he was going to enjoy them or cry because of the noise. He did neither. He slept right through them! I’m curious to how he’ll be this year.
Second, it’s Bad Girls first anniversary. Don’t know what Bad Girl is? There’s a link on the side of the page. If you’re into scrapbooking, it’s a site for you. Wendy, a lady with an eye for beautiful things, started up a monthly kit last year. It’s doing very well and all the members hope she continues to have fabulous success with it because that means we keep getting wonderful kits, add-ons and monthly projects. Seriously, if you like scrapbooking and you enjoy creating art more than just slapping pictures and stickers onto a page, then check out Bad Girls Kits.
This month there’s a lot of fun going on at the Bad Girls forum. Challenges, a crop day and so on. I’ve never joined in on these types of things before and am planning on it this month. I’ve taken part in the monthly challenges for the past couple of months and have been having fun with that. I even cranked out three layouts for the June Apron Challenge (winner gets a fabulous, blinged out Bad Girls apron to create in). Steve has already agreed to let me enjoy the crop day. He’s going to keep Monkey busy that day so I can play along with the ladies on Bad Girls for an online crop.

Next, Wendy has been ever so great…Some of you know, my birthday is in July. My mother thought that Bad Girl kit add-ons would be a great gift for me. The original plan was I’d get to pick two or three (depending on price) and mom would give me the money for it and that would be it. We took it up a notch. I emailed Wendy asking for her help. Wendy, based on a budget, has happily picked out some add-ons for me. I have no idea what I’m getting. I’ll get to see all the add-ons tonight after the reveal, but won’t know which ones I’m getting. It’s exciting and it’s excruciating at the same time! When the package gets here, I have to hand it right over to my mother so she can wrap everything up and I get it back on my birthday. If the package doesn’t come until after my birthday, then she still gets it first to wrap. My mother love to wrap!
So next on the forth coming month is…My birthday. I’m going to be 27. A year closer to 30, but it doesn’t bother me at all. After all, at Steve’s parents’ I’m 28. Everyone is 28 in their household. I’m not planning anything big this year. Last year, Steve surprised me with lunch at one of my favourite restaurants (Boston Pizza…I really do love it! I‘m so simply sometimes), a movie of my choice (Transformers was awesome!) and then he took me and my best friend to Medieval Times because he knew I had always wanted to go (it was so much fun!). This year, I’m happy to just be with my family. A nice meal and some cake and I’m a happy gal. I’m already getting spoiled by my mom. So this birthday looks good already.
I could very easily go on, but I won’t bore you anymore.
Until next time…

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Job Interview

I have a job interview today. And I thought I would be more nervous about it. I'm so calm, it's almost scary.

As some of you know, I've been playing stay at home mom (SAHM) for the past three to four weeks. The temp job just wasn't going well since the students got off school. First the college students were getting all the jobs and now the high school students have joined them. So I have been enjoying my time here at home with Monkey. I've been loving every minute of it.

Steve is earning enough for us to get by. I watch our money very carefully still so we can afford to spoil the kids, hopefully take a vacation next year, save money for newer car for me and our future house.

I decided, on my own, that I would like to help out around here. I feel like I'm not giving enough to the family unit. So I've applied to some jobs and have the first job interview today. It's just an inside sales job. Nothing fancy. It's right here in town, about a ten minute drive away from our place. It's a day job with weekends off. Perfect. I don't want to be away from my family too much.

We'll see how it goes.

Until next time...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


It's blurry because I copied a picture then cropped out a part of it. I don't have an advance photo altering program to make it look better...But...That's my Stevie there. He went to play paintball last weekend. He thinks he looks pissed off. I think he looks serious and handsome. But then again, I always think he looks handsome. If I didn't then we wouldn't be where we are today, now would we.
I've put Steve on a mission to get me paintball pictures of his self so I can scrap them. I really want to put our two hobbies together to create memories for when we're 90 and can barely move. Someone else can turn the pages of my scrapbooks and we can enjoy the past once again.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Place Part II

The front view of our place (taken from the bedroom window) Our street and the lovely telephone poles that line the so-called nature trail.
The lovely plant/photo box Steve brought home for me one night, just because. I put Monkey's picture in it.
Monkey just relaxing on his chair. Doesn't that wall just scream out "Put a damn picture on me"? I think so. Steve and I are going to get creative. A friend of Steve's is going to blow up a black and white picture of Monkey and put in just one colour (like for a toy or a shirt, whatever). We haven't picked out a picture yet.
My cheeky Monkey. In need of a haircut...Again...Love those curls though. He has mommy's hair alright.

The New Place

Please excuse the lack of design and the mess...I'm working on it...

Monkey trying to sleep on mommy and daddy's bed. We have mix match stuff in our room right now until we find a bedroom set we both like. I *love* my new comforter...Dark faux suede! Lovely!
My messy scrap corner with a layout in prgress from last night. It's not the way I want it yet, but it's workable for now. And yes, that's my kitchen sink to the left. I have a very small space to scrap in, but it's my space. My little desk there also opens up to make more room to work on.
Our tiny living room. Monkey's watching his fave Baby Einstein video. If you look closely you can see my purse hiding behind a pillow. Guess I didn't see my purse when I was cleaning up last night. And to my fellow Bad Girls...Look closely...My finished March Project Kit is in view. At least the front side of it. And yes, I have Scrapbooking For Dummies. I bought it when I first decided to try the craft and thought it was informative.
My/Steve's planter with...*gasp* in it! We used to keep it in the living room with spare change in it. It's finally outside where it belongs. I bought those flowers just a few days ago. I still have to re-pot them.
The view from our back deck. We're in a new area of town that hasn't been built up yet. The houses that are already built are beautiful! We wouldn't mind owning one some day.

Part two coming up...