Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sister Mini Book

I'm up later than I normally am in the morning. I slept in until 8:30! That never happens. I guess both Monkey and I needed it. Both of us are getting over nasty colds. Monkey's cough is almost gone; mine is getting the better of me. I'm going out this morning to purchase some more Halls and cough meds. And Marley & Me might end up in my cart too.
I thought I would share that mini book now. I really enjoyed making it. The cards are custom flash cards for Bad Girls. It came in their March kit (talk about gorgeous!). I used the March kit as well as some scraps from my stash. My scrap drawer is getting awfully full. I really should try to use up those scraps. Hard to do with so many new, un-used goodies sitting on my desk.

I made my own paint mist for the blue and pink background. And although the painted dots look black in the pictures, they are actually gray. I mixed some paint to match the Thickers.
Until next time...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Just some layouts

Just wanted to share a few layouts.

I did this one for the Tote Bag Challenge at Bad Girls. This month's kit worked perfectly for this picture of my late aunt. She always told me to call her Auntie Gorgeous. I see why now.
This was just for fun. It has hidden journaling about how I love to use Monkey's cheapy lotion over my pricey stuff (although I still love my pricey lotions and do use them too). I hand cut the grungeboard to make my woman sign. And I stamped the numbers with paint. Cool effect.

I love these pictures of my sister. I've been hoarding these papers for a few months now; I knew they were meant for a Jess layout. The skull in a heart stamp is new. I stamped on flocked cardstock (Doodlebug). Very cool! Try it! But make sure you give lots of drying time!!!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Monkey. He's about 7 months old. My sister was able to capture this moment for me. I love the tiny teeth. He only had four way back then.

I have a mini book to share too, but it'll have to wait until tomorrow since I have a chicken burning in the oven right now.
Untill next time...

Can't Wait! Can't Wait!

Big news only a couple of days away!!!!
I'm a little excited.....

Friday, March 27, 2009

Faves on Friday

It's that time of the week again....And I remembered!...

1. Febreze. How can anyone live without Febreze? I spray down everything. Couches, curtains, carpets, bedding, pillows, closets, shower curtain, shoes…If it’s fabric, it gets sprayed. I spray everything down once or twice a week.

2. Febreze Air Freshers. Since I’m on the subject of Febreze…I am an air fresher junkie. I love the sprays and the plug ins. Plug ins were always a pain since they would either run out fast or start to go un noticed. I like smelling nice scented stuff. I decided to try Febreze dual plug ins and love them! They change from one scent to another so it does not go unnoticed; and they last for about a month. Perfect for me. I also love Febreze’s spray cans too. Perfect for stinky garbage cans. It eats the yucky smells instead of just covering them up.

3. Cutter Bee piercing bugs. I just picked these up the other day and, oh my, love them! How did I get by without them before? For those who don’t know…I love to stitch on my pages. I do not, however, own a sewing machine. So I used to pick up my Heidi Swapp piercer and poke each and every tiny hole. Then the unthinkable happened. I lost my piercer. I’m positive I threw it out while cleaning up my always messy desk. I haven’t replaced it yet because I know which piercer I want, but no one ever has it in stock. So I found these piercing bugs on sale and decided to give them a try. They’re a little hard to get use to, but I love the effects. These will do great. Although I still want a piercer; and when I have more room an actual sewing machine.

4. Diet Pepsi (or diet Coke, or diet PC Wave in a pinch)…Oh, how I love thee. Thee who stains my once extremely white teeth and makes me crave the yummy fake sugary goodness. I must stop drinking so much of this stuff. Must drink more water….One more glass of pop first…

5. Spring. I love this season. Second favourite to Fall. I love watching the world around me get greener. I like watching the leaves on the trees grow. I love watching the flowers grow. I love jumping in puddles like a five-year-old. I love that sunny days means warm weather instead of insanely cold like in the winter. I love how everything seems to come back alive. It’s a wonderful feeling. I also love ditching my heavy coat for a cozy sweater and my boots for sneakers. I love sweater weather!

Until next time....

Thursday, March 26, 2009


The wonderfully talented Cari picked one of my layouts for Layout of the Week over at Bad Girls. I am so honoured! I really never thought that I would get picked because the high volume of jaw-dropping-how'd-they-do-that creations that get uploaded in that gallery every week.

All I can say is...Thank you very much!

Yesterday, Monkey and I went shopping. I haven't boughten much scrappy supplies in a while since we're down to one income right now. So when my income tax return came in, I set a budget for myself to buy scrappy goodies. Well, did I ever shop. I went to Micheals, where I found a paper pad of Sassafras Lass' Hog Heaven papers for 25% off. I also used a coupon for 40% off. So I got all that yummy paper for next to nothing! I also went to The Scrapping Bug for my first time. I've ordered from them online before, but it was nice to step foot in there. It's nicely set up and I could have easily spent more time in there. I didn't because I knew Monkey was getting pretty tired. I thought it would be best to leave before he started distroying the store. I had fun and look forward to going again someday.
Until next time...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Fave Fridays

Here we are again at the end of the week. Happy Friday, everyone! I didn’t forget, and had time, to post my Fave Friday this week! Whoo hoo!

Here we go…

1. Anne of Green Gables. I absolutely love all the movies and the books. I’ve been a fan since I was quite young.

2. Sassafras Lass Felties. They have yet to release these (that I know of) and I am impatiently waiting. How darling are these little guys? I love them to pieces already.

3. Since we’re talking Sassafras Lass; did you know they have brads coming out soon? Also a must have for me. Can ya tell I love me some Sass? It would be a dream come true to be on their design team!

4. Cozy sweater pillows. I don’t have any, but look at these babies! They look divine! And they come in different sizes. If you’re interested; check them out.

5. And lastly…Sock Monkeys. I thought they were cool when I was a kid. And I still think they’re cool.

And that's that for this Fave Friday. Here's hoping I remember next week too.
Until next time....Happy Spring!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Just a few hours ago I was so tired that I poured apple juice into my coffee thinking it was my Caramel Vanilla Coffee Mate. Only after I poured did I realize what I had done. After laughing so hard I thought I was going to pee my pants, I vowed to make a morning bathroom stop before getting my coffee from now on. I'm hoping that will prevent any pouring blunders in the future; but if one should slip by, then hopefully I won't be praying for any other mishaps.

I realized this morning, after a new coffee was made and consumed, I haven't blogged in a while. I didn't mean to lack in the blogging category. I suppose I've just been too busy. Helping out my mother and with Monkey's birthday.

I'm still dealing with the fact that Monkey is two. He's offically a toddler. I refused to call him a toddler throughout the past year. To me, a toddler is a two-year-old. I might be wrong, but I didn't want my baby to be anything but a baby. Now I'm forced to agree he is no longer a little baby, but a big boy in training. He's rocking the potty training and is almost ready to graduate from his sippy cup. He eats with his fork and spoon (most of the time) and can get through most meals sans bib (unless it's really messy). He used normal crayons (not those huge, chunky ones) and, under extreme supervision, can use markers nicely. He's figured out how to undress and can be found taking off his pants, socks and shirts all the time; unless I put him into a button down shirt. He can't work buttons yet. Just zippers and snaps. Speaking of the devil...He just wondered by with his overalls around his ankles. I will have to post a ipcture of that soon.

Monkey's birthday star cupcakes. This is the first time cupcakes made by me have looked kinda good. They tasted good.

Just like last year, Monkey dug into the frosting before we served.

When a fork just isn't good enough...Use your tongue!

Present time! Even with new toys just a tear away, Sticks, the stuffed dog, is still close by.

And a few days after the actual birthday, Monkey got a Thomas cake, homebaked by Grandma. And a ton of presents followed the yummy cake.

And now, a couple of layouts to share. Both were done for the Bad Girls Kits tote bag challenge.
"Why do I love BEING A GIRL? Because I get to be your mom. And that's pretty special." I didn't plan this one out at all. I just went with the flow and came up with this. And I love it! I've been waiting for the perfect LO to use this picture. And I will use it again since I printed it out three times; in three different tones. This one is in a pink tone. I also have a blue tone and a sepia tone.

I forget how I came across this picture. I found it the same day I made this layout. I remember taking the picture. It was taken with my cell phone. I was all dolled up for work while very pregnant. I think this is one of my fave layouts right now.

Until next time...(hopefully by Friday anyways!)