Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pretty Afternoon

I am so smitten with the new releases from October Afternoon; The Thrift Shop and Fly a Kite. I've been waiting for Fly a Kite for so long, I forgot what I wanted to use it for. I got some anyway. It's too pretty to pass up.

I always forget how much I love October Afternoon until I have it in my greedy, little paws. Their designs are always on the pretty side or the adorable side. I also love the colours their lines always are.

Have you picked up some new October Afternoon yet? Are you planning on it? Kim at The Scrapping Bug just got some in. If you're in Canada and don't want to pay a small king's ransom on shipping and (ugh) duty, then check out what Kim has to offer for October Afternoon here.

I can't wait to come home from my baby doctor appointment this afternoon to start playing with it.

I've also been playing with some Jillibean Soup.

One last note...What are you doing on the 1st of May? It's National Scrapbooking Day and WeScrap will be having a little crop. Easy challenges, some tutorials and so on. The new and old (that's me!) iTeam members will be posting fun stuff all day long. Join in the fun and you could win a prize pack from myStampBox!

Until next time...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Watch Making

I have a horrible headache, a throat so sore I don't want to shallow and a nose so stuffed up I can't smell or breath through it. But I have found the energy to finally do up the watches I purchased in December.

I bought one for myself, my sister and mother. December was a blur. I meant to have the watches put together, but I ended up giving my sister and mother their's in pieces. I took them back with the promise I would work on them.

It became a joke that I would have them done by their birthdays.

Well, mom's was at the beginning of the month and my sister's is in two weeks. I'll have to tell them I took the joke too literally.

I love how these turned out.
Now I'm more interested in learning more about jewelery making. I can't see it becoming a hobby, but I would love to make a necklace or bracelet or two for myself. Maybe a necklace with Monkey's and Nugget's (future) initials on it.
No scrappy stuff for this post. I'm currently working on a pregnancy journal, a canvas album for my best friend and I just started working with the May kit for the Scrapping Bug. All I can say about the kit is...I am so glad I didn't buy these papers a few weeks ago when I was eyeing them up. Although, I might go back and pick up some more of my favourites. I'm halfway through my first layout and I am already so in love with it!
Until next time...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Tech is guessing...

Nugget was all balled up and facing the wrong way to get a good shot at it, but the tech is pretty sure of what she saw.
I can't wait to see my newest baby in the flesh! September seems so far away now...

In Love!

I am in love with cinnamon apple muffins!
I was looking at the mountian of apples I had in my fruit bowl one morning and decided I had to make muffins with them. I was sick of toast every morning; and pregnancy brain has already started. It doesn't matter how many trips I make to the grocery store; I still manage to forget I want bagels or cereal or something other than bread!

I set out looking for a recipe online of which I already had all the ingredients for. This is the one I tried out. It's not bad. Not bad at all. I almost followed the whole recipe. I put in less salt (just a tiny pinch) and I didn't use as much butter.

We liked them. But right away Steve and I started talking about how to change them up.

Last night, I made them again, ala Steve and Jen's way. First I added more cinnamon to the muffin base. One teaspoon from the recipe just wasn't cutting it. I doubled it. Then for the crumbly topping, I cut the sugar a little and bumpt up the cinnamon again. Can you tell we like cinnamon? I added nutmeg to the topping (and will have to try it in the base someday too). And, like last time, I cut the amount of butter. I'm not too sure how much butter I used. Just enough to put on the muffins. I had topping mix (sans butter) leftover both times.

Next time, I want to add some rolled oats (not instant) to the topping and see how that turns out.

Steve is highly addicted to these muffins. He takes one to work for breakfast. And another one for a snack later on. If he doesn't take that second one, he has one in the evening while watching tv. Monkey likes them too. He calls them donuts though. I let myself have one, but not every day.

Until next time...

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Congrats New WeScrap iTeam!

Ah, the bittersweet day has arrived...The new WeScrap iTeam as been announced. My term is up at the end of the month.
WeScrap was the first place to give me a shot at being a design team member. I've been there for a year now. It's been wonderful. A huge thank you goes out to Tara and Ally for inviting me to join in 2009!
Since getting sick and then pregnant, I really felt like I let my duties go as a iTeam member. I couldn't give my all; it felt like I had nothing to give. I stuggled for a few months. I really felt like I let my team and the site down. Because of that reason, I didn't know if I wanted to try out for the team again. I decided to do it anyway. I didn't think I'd make it back on the team. After all, I was blessed enough to make it in the fall for a second term. It would be selfish to assume I'd make it for a third term. My time as passed.
I'm sad my time has ended, but I know the new team will be wonderful!
I will still stick around WeScrap's forum. It's like home. I adore the girls there. And I can't wait to see what the new iTeam brings. I know they'll rock!
A huge congrats to Calia (returning iTeam member), Holly (whoohoo!) and Victoria (another big whoohoo!)!!!!!!
Until next time...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Scrapfest 2010

Scrapfest 2010 starts today in Kitchener. Have you ever heard of it? I've been scrapbooking now for two and a half years; I've been wanting to go to Scrapfest for two and a half years.
I had every intention on going this year. Up until a couple of months ago. Life happens, so Scrapfest is not going to happen. I've made peace with that. I'm okay. After all; it is not the end of the world to not go to Scrapfest.
Now, Steve, my loving, sweet, sorta-like-a-real-hubby-just-without-the-rings has always been supportive of my little hobby. He tries not to bat an eye at my purchases; unless I have a major shopping spree when money is tight. He lets me bounce ideas off of him, even when he has no idea what I'm talking about. He praises my attemps at artsy layouts even though he likes clean, straight lines; he's a drafter, he works with blueprints, draws up steel work for buildings, he sees clean straight lines every day. And, really, I could go on and on about how supportive he is.
I didn't realize just how supportive until last night. I mentioned Scrapfest at dinner. He asked when it is. I told him it starts today. He put down his fork and asked me why I didn't tell him sooner and can I still get a ticket. How sweet is that? He knows how much I would love to go. I talked him out of it! Never thought that day would come, but it did. I know how tempted I would be to buy if I'm there. I also know how much we need to save with the baby coming and wanting to move and having a car that will need replacing sooner than we want. No need to place in the middle of temptation.
Maybe next year. It'll be a nice break from the kids.
Until next time...

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Here's a layout heavy post to share!

As you should know, if you read this tiny blog, WeScrap had a crop last weekend. There were so many cool challenges. It was hard to pick which ones to do. I didn't get as much done as I would have liked.
Here's what I did do:
This was supposed to be a card, but I was a bad girl and did a layout. I love it! It was inspired by a pair of rain boots!

For this challenge, we had to use bugs, but no butterflies. Sass' Me Likey line is perfect! Little bees and a caterpiller!

This layout was for a new beginnings challenge. I choose to do my first Mother's Day. I used Sass papers from my box sale purchase. Love the owl!

This challenge was to have a rainbow on the layout. I thought of this Prima line right away. I bought it knowing I wanted to catch Monkey splashing in puddles. Perfect time to get this layout done. I really love how it turned out.

Here are a few layouts from wescrap's Next Designer contest. I think I shared my first layout; these are the rest.

Okay...This one wasn't one of them. But it was inspired by one of the challenges so I'm putting it here.
This isn't my style at all. I tried something new. And I love it! It started out with an over exposed picture. I turned it black and white and bumped up the shadows. Then I took out a few stamps. There is no pattern paper here. I stamped the black and red background; added a white, flowy ribbin, some bling in red and black and an embellishment from Making Memories.

Here I tried out a cracked glass technique. I think it turned out more like a cracked plastic. I didn't have UTEE. I used clear Zing. I don't think it was thick enough. Lesson learnt. I'll try this out again when I have some UTEE in my greedy little paws.
Back to the crop challenges...I forgot to share my layouts from my challenges!
This clipboard was for a Spring Cleaning make n take. I love how this clipboard turned out!

I made this layout last month when the crop was just in disscussion. I knew I wanted to do a soft colours challenge. As soon as I thought of soft colours, I thought of Studio Calico papers I had. This came together really fast. It looks more complicated than it really is. I started by misting my background paper. Once dry, I just started layering. It was so much fun. Really love K & Company's homemade embellishments! I think I have all the packs times two!
Until next time!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I have a laptop. We got it somewhere around three years ago. Either right before Monkey was born, or right after; I don't remember anymore.
At the time, we also had a desktop computer. The big computer was Steve's, so the laptop just sort of became mine.
Because I always used it either in the living room, or in bed, I didn't have a mouse. I got used to the little pad pretty quick. I didn't have a mouse while Monkey and I were living with my parents for a little while either. Steve was working in Australia at the time. The cute, little web cam at the top of my screen was used once a week, at min., for video chats with him. It was a great way for him to see Monkey and Monkey to see his daddy.
When Steve and I moved into our current place, one computer short (although neither of us miss the old. big computer), we started using a mouse with the laptop. I got used to it.
Well, ye ol' mouse is about to kick the bucket. It only works about 20% of the time now. It got me so fustrated, I chucked it across the room. I totally blame the hormones on that, by the way.
Now I am trying to get used to being mouse free until we finally break down and buy a new mouse.
Until next time...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Owie Monkey Morning

Boys are tough. Boys are rough and tumble. And my Monkey Man is no different. (note: I know girls can be like this too. It's not just boys.)
Today, my Monkey was running around the house like he always does. He misjudged a turn. The kitchen counter is, unfortunatly, at eye socking level for my little dude. He caught his self in the left eye, cumbling into a screaming ball on the floor. A few hugs, kisses and Nemo cold press later he was back to running around the house.
He's got a slight black eye. Nothing major. He's gone through worse. He'll go through worse in the future.
It still stung my heart a little to watch my little man hold the cold press to his eye, declaring "I hurted me, Mommy."

Friday, April 9, 2010

It's Crop Time!

The crop is in full swing! Come on by WeScrap and join in the fun. You could be the lucky one getting a SLICE delievered to your door!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

April Layouts

The Scrapping Bug's April kit is out! It's full of yummy, yummy Crate Paper. Kim packed this month's kit with the Seasons line. By far, my favourite Crate Paper line. I had so much fun playing this month. Don't let my lack of projects get you down. I have enough supplies still to do two or three more layouts! I just didn't time myself out very well and only had these come reveal day.

A little, simple card. I love that paper!

I made myself a little post-it note holder. A simple project I always turn to. I use little pads of paper for everything. I like having a cute holder to toss in my purse. This is the first one I used velco on. Love it! Will do it again.
Monkey helping me clean. These pictures are two years old. I've scrapped them before. And I'll scrap them again. He's just too cute in them! Or is that the bias mom opinon coming out? Additional supplies: Crate paper brads, Jillibean Soup alpha and paint (had so much fun with the paint splashes!)

I have been meaning to scrap this picture for two years! Yes, take around the same time as the other pictures in the cleaning layout. This picture was from when Monkey got into the diaper rash cream. These papers were perfect for it. Additional supplies: thickers and button.

I have yet to add the journaling to this one, but I love it so far. I know what I want to put in the journaling, just not sure how to word it. Once again, a favourite picture of Monkey. I think I've scrapped this one twice before. And I will scrap it again when the mood hits.
Happy Easter, everyone! I'm off to a 30th anniversary/Easter/birthday celebration! My parents got married 30 years ago today, Easter is tomorrow and my mother's birthday is Monday. I won't say my mother's age. You just don't do that to a woman. Let's just say she's old enough to be my mom.
Until next time...