Saturday, October 24, 2009

Think Pink and Wiggles

On Thursday, I had the delightful pleasure of taking Monkey to see his favourite band...The Wiggles! We traveled to London (Ontario) just after lunch to see the 3pm show. Monkey had a grand time singing and dancing along with the music before the show even started. Once Jeff (the purple Wiggle, for those who aren't familar with the Wiggles) came out on stage, Monkey couldn't believe his eyes! He helped to wake Jeff up; he cheered when he really liked something; and when Sam and Murray (the yellow Wiggle and red Wiggle) came into the crowd, Monkey decided to chase Sam. Sam is his favourite Wiggle. He's going to be Sam for Halloween this year. Not the Obi Wan I wanted him to be. If dressing up like Sam makes him happy, then Sam it is. Monkey dragged my mom up to the front of the stage twice. We had floor seats, in the Hot Potato section. My little monkey wanted to be on stage to dance with his idols. At the end of the show, Jeff and Anthony (the purple and blue Wiggles) said goodbye to Monkey. Monkey was upset we didn't bring roses for Dorothy the Dinasour. If he's still into the Wiggles next year and they come back, we'll hit the dollar store for roses before the show.
Reading before the show.
Sam doing balancing act with a Wiggly dancer. Our favourite Wiggly dancer, yes we have a favourite, was not there. We were a little disappointed.
Cheering because the Big Red Car just came out.
There's the Big Red Car!
Captin Feathersword in a ball.
Fruit Salad!
Monkey Man
Sam...Just past our row of seats.
Anthony, Captin Feathersword and two Wiggly dancers...They were amazing!
Wow! The Captin is built!
This was shortly before Monkey took off down to the stage for the second time.
End of the show. It was fun.

Right after Anthony and Jeff said goodbye to my Monkey.

The Think Pink Crop is in full swing over at WeScrap right now. Come on over and play with us. You might even win a pink Slice!!! I'll be heading over as soon as it's naptime here in our household.

Until next time...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Whoo Hoo!!!

My term was coming to an end at wScrap. I was feeling pretty sad about it. weScrap was the first place to give me a chance on a design team. It will always hold a special place in my heart because of it.

So what is a girl to do when she's feeling sad about her DT term ending? She re-applies! And I did. I've been stretched thin this month scrap wise thanks to working full time hours (although I am not complaining too much when the pay checks roll in), but I still managed to find the time to get my submissions done.

Here they are:

Confessions of a Scrapper - I'm sure most scrappers out there can relate to this one. This was my me submission. The journaling is all about me, and it's handwritten (something I always do). There's stitching, also very me. There's doodles and outlining. Something I do often. And there's tons of Sassafras Lass. One of my fave companies. I put in a little bit extra that most people won't catch, but I know it...There are three roses; the large one by the girl on the trike, one by the deer and one by my picture. Roses are my favourite flower.
You Are My Sunshine - I love, love, love, love, love this one. The die cut is new We R Memory Keepers. From the new boy line...I am drawing a blank on the name of the line...I knew what I wanted to do with it as soon as I saw it. I was going to put Sassafras Lass into the center, but I didn't have a sheet big enough in my stash for it. I wanted "sunbeams" for the center. I remembered "sunbeams" on some Paper Adventures paper I was saving for a mini album. I dug in. I cut out the center of the die cut paper, put in the Paper Adventures paper and the stitched for extra strenght. I loved the clouds on the Paper Adventures paper, so I cut one out and then traced it on the center piece of the die cut. I inked the edges so they popped a little more and ta-da! Cute, little clouds. That's Prima packaging from pebbles around the picture. And those little orange pieces of paper...They were places because I made a mistake...Can't tell now...Other than I just let my secret out.
Do You Believe in Magic - In reality...Monkey was leaning on a fence and my sister was pointing at fish. And my mother was in the background. Cut them out, put the on clouds (these clouds are American Craft clouds from their Everyday line, my personal fave of theirs) and you have magic! I saw a picture on Elsie Flannigan's blog that was my inspiration for this layout. I showed Steve and he saw where I was coming from. It just spoke to me. I do wish I had a smaller paint brush though. This one was hard to paint in some spots. Or maybe I just need to break out the paint more and get more practice.

So, I woke up this morning with an email from Ally saying to check my status on weScrap to see if I made the team. And there...Staring right at me was..."Inspiration Team...Congrats to Me!" I am so happy! Six more fun filled months at my special, little site.

And that being said...We have a crop (that I would have been part of anyways, because my first term doesn't end until the end of the month) coming up.

In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are hosting a Think Pink Crop. It's going to be a awesome, girly crop. There are tons of fab ideas and cool challenges coming your way. And, play along with us and you'll have the chance to win...Are you ready for it...A PINK SLICE!!!!!! How cool is that?

Come play along!!!! The more the merrier!!!
Until next time...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Blog? Do I Have One?

Hello Blog-Land! I've been having a crazy, busy month. It's not that I haven't had time to post. I just haven't bothered to. There's always something else I feel I should be doing in my downtime; like spending time with Monkey. And taking pictures of Monkey.
Like these ones...

I won a pumpkin at work. Monkey was so excited, he hugged the pumpkin.
We're in the say-cheese-and-hold-that-weird-smile age. It's not everytime, but enough for me to notice.

We were getting ready to go out to the library. I thought Monkey looked so cute in his litte hat, I just had to stop and take a picture.

This picture floors me! Strangers always think Monkey is older than he is. Throughout August and September, they were always asking him if he was ready to go back to school. Everyone thought he was 5. And floored when I told them he's only 2. Once I looked at this picture, I saw the 5 year-old everyone else sees. So, when he's 5, is he going to look like he's 8?
And now...A delayed So Sketchy layout...
Ally posted this one on the 8th. You can check out the sketch here.

Here's my pretty puppy, Hercules. He's a long haired chihuahua. And before you go thinking "she has a chihuahua? Ew! I hate chihuahuas;" let me just say, he used to be a great dog! Before he was abused by my ex. Now he hates men (other than Steve for some reason). He can be mean, but he can also be a total suck. I did this layout for the Random Inspirations at the Scrapbook Star.

And lastly...My creations with the awesome WeScrap October kit.
A quick and simple thank you card.

Sometimes You Just Have to SMILE - I added Glimmer Mist (in Pink Taffy and Black Gold) and white pen. A very simple layout which ended up being my favourite out of all the ones I created.

The ABC's Of You - I added white and black pen and a few staples.

Peace Grandpa - I added Ranger Distress Ink, thread, electrical tape (at least, I think it's electrical tape...I'll have to ask Steve), white abd black pen and an October Afternoon label sticker (which you can purchase from the WeScrap store!!!!)

Beauty Blur - I added white paint and a black glitter marker. I didn't want to run out of letter stickers, so I traced the letterd for the word blur and filled them in with my American Craft black glitter marker. I also used some of the bottom strip of my pattern paper to make a scalloped edge.

1st Hello - I would have never purchased this paper. I looked at it and thought "that's so not me." And then I pulled out this picture out of my stash. I knew this picture and this paper had to go together. And now, I absolutely love this layout. It's simple and fills me with joy as I gaze at the first meeting of my mother and son.

I have this tiny matchbox I like to keep my sewing needles in. I decided to alter it so it looks prettier on my desk. I added turquois paint and a piece of Basic Grey bling (which you can find at the WeScrap store!!!!!)

And that's all for right now. I'll try to be a better blogger, but can't make promises for the rest of the month.
Until next time....

Friday, October 2, 2009

Bad Blogger!!!!

Hello Blog-Land! I've been a bad blogger. Not that I was good at it before, just the past two weeks have been busy. Last week I was trying to get in as much Monkey and Mommy time as I could. This week, I've been working full time at the bank. I'm working full time for the next three week; so pretty much for the rest of the month. And to top it off, I have lots of scrappy duties and commitments going on all over the place this month. Along with my trusty planner, I know I can get through it. It just going to take a little organization!

I have a few layouts to share today.

How simple is this layout? I love it! Ang, one of our talented DT members at weScrap, did up a sketch for us. It was suppost to be in the September newsletter, but the newsletter didn't get out. I do believe the November one will be getting out there. The team working the behind the scenes are working hard to fix any issues we have. So make sure you're signed up for the newsletters! They'll be coming to a inbox near you soon! By the way...That cluster of puppy and flowers and such...That's one cut out! It's the backing of a Basic Grey Woolies package. It was just too cute not to use!

We've been doing Layout Tag at wescrap. I've done two months so far. There's a sign up for the next round going on right now. I wish I could play along again, but I'm just too busy this time around. Maybe next time. I love how this layout turned out. I ended up submitting it to the Jillibean Soup Designer call. I didn't make it. Maybe next time.

Monkey was having a grumpy, whinney day about a month ago. What's a mother to do? Take pictures and scrap the mood. I love the little lightning clouds. Love them so much, I have three or four pages of them. They're going to last a wonderful long time.
This month, I was asked to be a guest designer for The Scrapping Bug. Along with the tiny scrap store here in town, I consider this store to be my local scrapbook store (also known as LSS). I was very honoured to be asked. Kim got my kit out to me ASAP. I recieved it last Friday. Then put off making anything because I wasn't sure how many layouts or cards I was supposed to come up with.
Anyway, here's what I came up with:
This picture was a 5x7, but it wasn't working at that size for me. I cut it down to a 4x6. This is Monkey last year. I hand cut the flowers. They're covered in black Glimmer Mist. I hand stitched the bottom (and cursed that I don't own a sewing machine). It's hard to see in this picture, but I stitched over the bottom of the picture too. The brads were stamped with a little spider stamp I have.

This is Monkey from Halloween 2007; his first halloween. The purple bats are diecuts from the kit. I inked them with a little black ink to make them blend in a little more. The pumpkins were masked on with black Glimmer Mist. The title is purple glitter. It made a big, fun mess!

And my favourite out of the bunch, and the last one I did, Spooktaular Halloween. Also from Monkey's first Halloween. The house, ghost and title are diecuts from the kit too. I inked the ghost with a little white ink.

And one super easy, super fast card. See the little spiders? They made it on almost everything I made (Minus the last layout). I think they're adorable! I should pull out my own halloween stamp set more often!
And now I have to get Monkey up so he can have his breakfast before we leave for the day.
Until next time...