Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Before heading out on my four day road trip with my mom, sister and Monkey, I happily indulged in some scrap time. New paper, new pictures and a new subject to scrap kept me busy for a few hours here and there.

First up: Charlie #1. The kitten we first brought home before the shelter told us they mixed up the kittens. This little guy was already paid for by someone else and his microchip number was not the same as the one we signed for. If it wasn't for that number, I would have said tough. It wa hard giving him back.

Here's the Charlie we ended up with. He's from the same litter and he's way more active. Although not the kitten we first brought home, he has earned his spot in our family. We love him.

I adore this picture of Charlie. When I caught him playing in the bathtub, I grabbed my camera and had some fun.

I have two Thomas fans now. Too bad they don't share that well all the time. Poor Charlie gets yelled at most of the time.

And one last layout of my Monkey. I love these Pebbles papers so much. The colours and adorable designs. I have good size scraps from my DT kit from The Scrapping Bug, but I still ordered a few more papers. Just too cute.
Until next time...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

This That & The Next Thing

I went away this past weekend for a much needed get-away. It wasn't relaxing, but it was fun. It all started with getting an invite to my best friend's surprise bridal shower in Ottawa. I had to go! She's my best friend! Since Steve didn't want me traveling alone, my mom and sister came along. We brought Monkey in tow as well.
We had a fabulous time in Alymer and Ottawa, seeing friends and family. On the way home on Monday, we decided to stop in Kingston for the night. Here's where we stayed...

It was a nice place. Our room was nice and clean, the bathroom was pretty and there was a water park inside. Too bad this was our view...
But we got a good price on the room, so we weren't about to complain. We were only there for one night.

I have a couple more sneak peek loves...

Bella Bvld has really caught my attention this time around!
I've said it before and I'll say it again...I love fall stuff! This mini ablum is adorable! Might be perfect for my fall pictures.
I'm doing my best not to look at Christmas stuff. I have so much Christmas stuff since I buy every year and hardly scrap our pictures. Not a single picture from last year was done. I tried to do a December Daily (ala Ali Edwards), but never got past day two or something like that. I'm going to try to do it this year to use up my yummy Christmas supplies. But if I need to get anything else Christmas wise it will have to be this stuff from The Girl's Paperie.
Update on Steve's foot...He's walking on it. The swelling isn't too bad first thing in the morning, but, of course, by night fall, it's all puffy again. He tries to stay off it as much as he can. The bruising keeps traveling. It was just under his ankle the day after. Now it goes right up to his toes. We're keeping an eye on it for interal bleeding. Here's a kicker...Yesterday we got a bill in the mail from the hospital for crutches. They never gave him crutches! We're dealing with billing now to get it all straighten up.
This picture is from last night, around 9-ish.
Gross, eh?
Here's something not so gross, but kinda cute.
My current two boys playing together. They either get along wonderfully or they terrorize each other to no end. Both are growing so fast. My baby is getting to be such a big boy. And my kitten is almost a cat.
They're not the only ones growing...
Baby Nugget is getting bigger and bigger too. This picture is from today, marking week 32 in this pregnancy. Only 8 weeks left to go. Or less. And I'm hoping not more.
Until next time...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

CHA Peeks Loves Again

I think I keep posting these just so I can keep track of what I'm loving.

I love these from We R Memory Keepers. I sew by hand since I don't have a sewing machine. These would be so handy to have!
Also from We R Memory Keepers; an adorable fall line. I love the retro feel to these.
One more from We R Memory Keepers...The most adorable owl stamp I've seen. I want him.

This line is so cute from Cosmo Cricket. I love pretty much everything they put out there. It's just a matter if it's too girlie for me or not. I know there's tons of scrappers who don't care if they don't have girls and will scrap girlie colours and designs with boy pictures (and most of them turn out amazing!). I'm just not that comfortable doing so yet.

These Thickers from American Crafts are so cool! I would use them on none Halloween layouts just because I love orange.

Oh I hope to be able to find lots and lots of time to scrap so I can work through my stash and have a reason to drain our bank account on new supplies.
Until next time...

Friday, July 16, 2010

More Peek Loves

Found some more peeks that I love!

From Prima...A little on the frilly side, but I love the colours!

Bella Blvd has another one I am swooning over! I adore fall papers and when they're super cute and sport lots of orange it's an insist love for me. And anything with clouds is a must!

Crate Paper...Although very frilly for me, there's something about these pieces that are just calling out to me. I know I could come up with a way to use these. I'm thinking lots and lots of layering and clusters.

And lastly, a company that has become my second favourite, Studio Calico! These papers are awesome in every way! I love the colours, the patterns, everything! I need this one!

What are you loving?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Deal for Pregnant Women!

I came across an awesome deal today for pregnant women who are planning on breastfeeding. Or it could be an awesome gift for a pregnant friend who is planning on breastfeeding.

Check out Udder Covers. Pick out the cover you want and when you're checking out type in "onefree." You just pay for shipping; $9.95. Which is high for shipping, but when that's all you're paying it's not too bad.

I ordered mine today! I have a cover from Monkey, but deemed this a good deal and couldn't resist getting another one. Plus the one I'm getting is cuter than the one I already have.
This is the one I ordered.

Update on Steve: He's resting right now. It looks like he's trying to hide a baseball in his ankle. It's so swollen. The radiaologist was not in last night, just the tech. Steve's foot is fractured. He can walk, but was told to stay off it. We're awaiting the radiaologist's call today to find out what type of cast Steve will be getting.

Steve's weekend of paintball has been canceled. He's also home with Monkey and I today.

Until next time...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Trying to stay up

I slowly get ready for bed around 10pm most nights. It's normally around 11-11:30 by the time Steve and I have finally gotten ready, turned off the lights and stopped talking. I'm horrible for hardly saying a word after Monkey goes down until Steve turns off the light. Then I become a chatterbox. Steve's been known to fall asleep with me still talking.
Tonight's different.
Tonight, I am forcing myself to stay up.
Steve came home after baseball asking me to call my parents. I asked questions on the way to the phone. He slid into a base, heard sometime pop and then felt the pain. The medic on site thinks it's a possible fracture. He can walk on it; but he could also walk when he broke his leg around four years ago.
My mom was going to come over to watch over Monkey, but my dad said no. He came over to take Steve to the hospital so I wouldn't have to be there myself.
I'm now awaiting their return. They've only been gone for an hour, so it might be a long night.
It's a hospital week for our family. My grandmother went into the hospital yesterday. Steve today. And my mother will be at one tomorrow. Grandma fainted and hit her head on the way down. From what I hear, she's going better, but for how long? Steve, just a trip in to see if his ankle is broken or what. Mom is going in for a brain scan. She's been complainning about headaches for a couple of months now. Since she's had lung cancer, her doctors are taking no chances. She's getting the scan to rule out the possibility of brain cancer.
What a downer post!
Postive side of things...Baby Nugget is growing well. I was getting horrible leg cramps, but my doctor gave me calcium pills to take before bed at night. Two nights down without a cramp. Yay!

More CHA Peekies

I love this time of the year! Summer CHA, Winter CHA...They're about as great as Christmas. I get so excited over the peeks; whether I want them or not. There's just so much eye candy to look at. And I find I think of my own stash a little more. I want to use it up so I can get more, more, more! Given my bank account lets me. With maternity leave only about 9 weeks away (or less), I'm thinking I might have to be more choosey with my purchases. Besides, I might have much time to scrap with a newborn. I know there are plenty of amazing people out there who can, but I might not be one of them. I remember how hard it was getting into the swing of parenthood the first time. I'm not sure how I'm going to be functioning having to stay up all night with Nugget and be there all day for Monkey. I'll find out in 9 weeks and one day...Roughly.
So on with the cuteness...
Ms Teresa Collins always has something I'm oh-ing and ah-ing over. I have her baby line from Winter CHA put away for Nugget.
This time around, she's done it again. At least for me. This line is too girlie for me. I wouldn't buy it unless I had a certain picture or project in mind. But I adore the orange and pink colour combo! It's one of my personal faves!
Spotted on Jillibean Soup this morning...A super cute monster line! I {heart} anything monsters! They always make me think of Monkey. I like having lots of cute monsters around. I think it helps avoid him being scared of monsters.
Sorry the picture is so small. I can't figure out how to make it bigger. Click on it or check out Jillibean's Blog here.
From Bella Blvd...Sunny Happy Skies...With the most adorable panda and trees ever! I know I'll be stocking up on the cuteness here.
And another one from Prima. I love the retro design to this one! I'm not sure if I would purchase this one, but it's adorable!
That's all I have for right now. I have some scrappy layouts done, but not photographed yet. I'll get them up soon-ish.
Until next time...

Monday, July 12, 2010

CHA Peek Love

I haven't seen any more must have stuff, but plenty of if-I-have-the-money loves.
Check these pretties out...
From My Little Shoebox:
Love the wood grain I'm seeing here. And the blue is to die for! So nice and bright. Awesome for my Monkey!
I just think this line is stinkin' cute! Makes me want to take Monkey to a farm just to get pictures.
From Reminisce:
I'm not sure if I would buy this one...Maybe the stickers...But it's adorable! I love the little robots!

From SEI:
I haven't worked much with SEI in the past, but I am loving this colour palette! It screams fall. And fall is, not only my favourite season, but my favourite photo season. I love taking pictures of Monkey in the fall. Warm sweaters, cute hats, funky shoes and colours that look awesome against him. My all time favourite picture of Monkey was taken in the fall, outside my parents' house. I look forward to my mini fall photo shoots every year. This year, I'm already super excited to get pictures of both Monkey and Nugget.
And lastly from My Mind's Eye:

Look at that sweet owl! I want a million of him in all the colours of rainbow and then some!

Graph paper...It's a weakness of mine. Along with notebook paper. And this one is in a pretty shade of blue. Perfect for my boys (including my step son) or it can be girlie-ed up for myself, sister or my pretty step daughter.
Ah...Wood grain...Another weakness since last year. Once again, in a pretty blue. I can see myself mixing this with some older Cosmo Cricket (boyfriend, material girl, joy ride, just to name a few).
What are you loving so far?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blogging Roll

Another new post! I'm on a roll. Or I have too much time on my hands. I'm not sure which at this point.

I just wanted to share some pictures from today.

Today's prompt from WeScrap's Fabulous Photo Contest was a beautiful foal. What is it about horses that is so beautiful? Upon seeing the foal, I thought of Charlie. Perfect excuse to take more pictures of him without looking like I'm totally crazy. We have so many pictures of the cat now. He's new. It shows. Hope we take as many pictures of Baby Nugget as we do the cat.
When Charlie jumped into the tub to check it out, I grabbed my camera.
The above is the one I entered.
After I was done with Charlie. I started thinking about other ways of inturpreting the prompt. Foal = child = innocence...To me anyway. Monkey and I were on our way out the door to play in the backyard with his little friends. I thought I would try to capture the innocence of children while we were out there. I think I took two not so great pictures before I got caught up in playing with the kids. I thought I lost my chance.
Then, as I was posting Charlie's picture, I looked over to see my little monkey boy fast asleep, sitting up, on the couch. Innocence.
What is it about pictures of sleeping children? They always melt my heart.
And just two more just because pictures.
Monkey and Charlie seem to always be in my scrap corner.
And yes...My area is that messy right now! I so need to clean and organize that mess.
Until next time...