Friday, July 31, 2009

Is it Friday?

I'm not feeling the bestest today so I thought I would keep my fave fives simple today.

DS and I had a mini photo shoot today. Here are a few of my faves:

My personal fave is the one of Monkey peeking out from behind his beloved Sticks. Sticks is a very special stuffed dog. He's 18 years old! My mother bought him for me the summer I turned 10. I had given up one of my favourite stuffed animals (a cat from my Oma) to my baby sister without being asked to. My mother was so touched she took me to pick out a new one. I picked this little Gund puppy. My sister spent years trying to steal him from me. I let her borrow him sometimes, but wouldn't give it up. DS latched onto it when he was about 6 months old. I gave it up to him. Monkey loves to sleep with him.

DS also latched onto one of my sister's stuffed tigers. Since, years ago, I gave up a cat for a dog; I thought it was fitting to give my sister a dog for the tiger she gave up to my son. I found a new release of the same Gund puppy to give to her. She was delighted.

Tomorrow I'll have a few new layouts to share.

Until next time...

Friday, July 24, 2009

Fave Five Friday - Birthday Bash

28 years ago today, I gave my mother great pains. Then I gave my mother her first great Mommy worry...Is my baby okay? I wasn't breathing. It wasn't a matter of couldn't breath. It was a matter of refusing to breath. Guess I've been a pain in the butt since birth.

I wasn't sure if I was going to bother doing fave Friday today. With the kids down and a full weekend planned out starting this afternoon, I wasn't sure if I'd have time. Steve suggested a birthday gift list. I decided to do it (hence the post).
Here's my Dream Gift faves:

1. An all exspense paid trip to the CHA with pocket money to pick up my fave new releases. All Sassafras Lass, some Basic Grey and My Little Shoebox.

2. A Ford Hybrid Escape. Yeah, I know this is the "dream gift" edition, but I really want one of these. I like the colour and like that it's a hybrid. If I could afford one, I would buy it.

3. A home library like this:

Or like this (but without all the dog decore. Nothing against dog decore. If you like it, all the power to you. It's just not my personal taste. I just really like the shelving and the staircase):

But with that, I'd need a bigger house. So the house have to be included in this gift.
4. My own Scrapbook Store business all set up for me and fully stocked and as pretty as this one:

5. A ring set like this:

Or something similar to it. I love the look of eternity rings.
And on a final note....Don't forget about the Christmas in July crop going on at wescrap this weekend!

There will be games, challenges and tuturials. I have an ornament tuturial and a challenge going up. Play along with my challenge and you'll have the chance of winning a RAK. See the wescrap forum for more information.
Until next time...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Big Picture Post

Be fore warned! There are a ton of pictures here today!
Designing for weScrap this month was a ton of fun. With Jess' move to the States and product for the designed kit not making it to her in time, the DT members were given an allowance in the weScrap store to create from.
First up...A mini album made from October Afternoon Journal Cards and Wild Cards.

Supplies from the weScrap store: October Afternoon Cherry Hill Journal Cards, Cherry Hill Wild Cards, Cherry Hill label stickers, scraps of Cherry Hill pattern paper, and Jenni Bowlin pearl flowers.

Supplies from weScrap store: Jenni Bowlin die cut paper, October Afternoon Cherry Hill pattern paper, Cosmo Cricket Friday Girl Craft Kit, clear buttons, and Little Yellow Bicycle Ziannia felt flower sticker (in the center of the lollipop flower I made)

Supplies from weScrap store: Cosmo Cricket Friday Girl Craft Kit

Supplies from weScrap store: October Afternoon Cherry Hill Journal Cards (the sheet after you punch out the cards; it left a little design behind that I used as frames), Cherry Hill pattern paper, American Crafts Tree House Kids foam pieces, and packaging from the clear buttons used to write the journaling on.

And I still have a ton of supplies left over. Maybe I'll crank one or two more layouts or projects out of them.
Until next time...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another So Sketchy

My last July layout for So Sketchy is up today. I just got my assignments a couple of days ago for next month. Can't wait to get started on them. But first I have to finish up my weScrap assignments. I'll be posting those in the next couple of days. It's rainy and dark here today. No good for a mini layout photo session.

Here's my So Sketchy creation:

This is Monkey and his best friend. They play together nearly every day. She is the only person who can get away with taking whatever toy Monkey is playing with. Unless it's Thomas. No one's allowed to touch Monkey's Thomas trains. Monkey likes to call this little blond princess his girlfriend. The kids all informed me yesterday that the princess "dumped" Monkey for, well, a monkey. The kids were playing with an inflatable punching dummy that was shaped as a monkey. The little princess took a real liking to the toy. The older kids (princess' siblings and Steve's two older rugrats, who are visiting) amused themselves with a story of the princess dumping (my) Monkey. Yesterday, oddly enough, the princess and Monkey didn't play much together...Maybe she did dump him...

Anyway, if you want to try this sketch out for yourself, check it out here. I think this was my favourite sketch I was assigned. The pattern paper, flowers, glitter Thickers and the loopy cardstock thingie was from our awesome sponsor of the month, The Paper Passion.

Until next time....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I was just over at the Sassafras Lass blog and I saw these...

I, make that, NEED this line!! Look at how cute, bright and fun it is. I absolutely love it! I see many awesome layouts of the boys with this line. How adorable is the little green guy with the cape? So makes me want to dress Monkey up with a cape....
Until next time....

Friday, July 17, 2009

Busy Bee Friday

I have been running around like a mad woman today. And I swear I got next to nothing done. I'm sure I would have done more if I hadn't recieved a nice, big box of goodies from WeScrap early this morning. I keep taking scrapping breaks.

I had a layout on the go, tried to finish it in a hurry and lost my mojo. It's put aside until Steve gets home and can give me his opinion on it. I'm also halfway through two WeScrap projects. Yes, two. I started one, got halfway through and another idea hit me. So I started the second one before the idea disappeared.

I didn't think I was going to get my faves done this week, but I'm taking the time now.

Here we go:

1. Cupcakes. I baked a bunch of these today. The picture is not mine. It's web-found. Mine are all sealed up in a large container, without icing, until needed. Even without the icing, they're pretty darn cute.

2. Old Navy. Cheap, comfy and easy to wear. I'm a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl, what can I say? And I'd rather blow big bucks on the ever growing Monkey's clothes than my own.

3. Staedtler pens. I've loved them for years! Thin, lightweight, fun, multi colours. What's not to love? I use mine all the time.

4. Dark Roasted Coffee. My parents have been raving about it for a few months now. It's the only type they buy now. My mother bought me a can and now I know. Just the aroma when it started brewing made all the difference. It smells so rich and tastes wonderful. I may never buy another type too.

5. Method Cleaning Products. Seriously, some of the best smelling cleaning products I have ever used! They come in cute bottles, in different colours, in wonderful scents like pomegranate (air fresher) and french lavender (all purpose cleaner); and, to top it all off, they are environmently friendly. And they work! Really well! Try them. You'll love them too.

Until next time...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Wednesday!

Mid-week is finally here! I spent the better part of yesterday and a couple of hours this morning thinking it was later in the week already.

I have a couple of layouts I can now share.

First up, Cutest Frogs. I've been wanting to do a layout like this for a while now. Everyone knows my dad as the "frog" of the family. My sister and I have joked that we're "half frogs" before. Now, Monkey is considered a "quarter frog."

I finally got my hands on some of the super cute frog paper from Jillibean Soup a few months ago. I've been hanging on to it just for this idea. Ally's Augest sketch for Scrapbook & Cards Today inspired this layout.

It's simple and I love it. I'm a little bias, but my dad and Monkey are adorable together. My parents love being grandparents.

I'm thinking I need to tie some beautiful ribbon on this one and hang it on a wall. This next layout, Hush a Bye, was inspired by two Bad Girls Bleuprints. I don't get the kits anymore (they are gorgeous and I wish I could, but they're more money than I can shell out right now. Maybe some day). The Bleuprints offer inspiring pictures and a sketch. I loved then red and white colour scheme and stars from one week (it was red, white and blue and stars for July 4th, but being Canadian, I dropped the blue and opted for more of a sleeping baby look than Independance Day look). The following week was all about textures. I loved Jen's cardboard background and her sketch. Here's what I came up with..

The cardboard is from a box of scrappy goodies I purchased from Starbook Star. I tore it, misted it (Yellow Daisy from Tattered Angels), painted (a light blue paint mixed with a butter cream colour, plus white in some spots and I painted over the 14"C with red paint so it popped back out because I liked it). I also rubbed some Old Photo ink from Rangers over some areas. I orginally was going to use a bunch of tiny verisons of this picture on the layout, but then decided to use one 5x7 instead. This is one of my all time favourite pictures of Monkey. He's 6 months old here. It was one of our first days after Steve left for Australia. I looked in on Monkey, and although I was feeling completely heartbroken over my recent fairwell at the airport with Steve, I felt so lucky to have this sweet baby in my life. And I'm a sucker for sleeping baby pictures.

Until next time...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Creative Chick

I am a Creative Chick!
I can be found on the Creative Crafts and Stickers blog all week with fun little challenges for you to do. Won't you come play along with me? For every challenge you do and submit, you get a ballot for the monthly draw. So much fun!
Don't forget about the Christmas in July Crop going on WeScrap on July 25th. There's even some RAKs to win from the DT members; including from me!

Until next time...

Friday, July 10, 2009

Whoo hoo! Friday!

Friday is finally here.

My best friend was suppost to be coming down for a visit next week, but it looks like she has to cancel. As sucky as that is; she has a great reason. A fantastic position opened up at her work place and she's submitted her resume. It looks like they'll be interviewing next week for the position. I miss her, but I know this is a once in a lifetime chance. My fingers are crossed for her. And there will be other visits in the future.

Thinking of my best friend made me think about my childhood. We met years and years and years ago in kindergarden. Although I was from a military family and moved around, she and I managed to remain friends. If there's anyone outside my family I can go to when in need, it's her. I love her dearly.

My faves are from my childhood this week:

1. Skip It. Oh, how I loved my Skip It! I got one when I was five or six. I continued to get one every year until I was ten. I used and abused my Skip Its so badly they never lasted longer than a year.

2. Cabbage Patch Kids. I still have mine. Her name is Gabby. She has brown hair, brown eyes and is still in her orginal outfit. She has long lost her diaper, shoes and birth certificate. Still pretty good concerning I got her for my third birthday. I would have taken a picture of her, but she's currently stored in a box until I have someplace to display her.

3. Rainbow Bright. I had all the dolls! And the stuffie of the horse and sprite, Twink. My mother sewed me a Rainbow Bright costume for my first Halloween trick or treating. I also wore it for my second.

4. My Dad's Corvette. My parents were cool. We had a new Mazda, a Honda motorcycle (can't remember what model...Will have to ask Dad) and a cool Corvette hardtop convertable with side pipes. It was chocolate brown with a gold eagle painted on the hood. I don't have any pictures of it myself, or I would post one. My parents have all those pictures. The picture I found online was the closest thing I could find.

5. Do you remember jelly shoes? Gosh, I lived in them every summer as a kid. They gave my blisters, they would cut into the sides of my feet. But I always wore them.

What are some of your childhood faves?

Until next time...