Thursday, July 24, 2008

What's so Great about 27?

I have a confession...I thought I was turning 28 today. I'm aging myself.

I thought I would feel older by this point in my life, but I still feel pretty young. I don't feel 18 anymore...And I like to think I'm smarter than I was back then. But I still feel young. Thirty is only three years away and it doesn't faze me yet. We'll see how I feel three years from now.

Monkey had been rather clingy lately. It has it's ups and downs. He loves to sit in my lap with his cheek pressed up to mine. He's also become a kiss monster. He loves to get kisses, give kisses, blow air kisses and laughes like there's no tomorrow when Steve and I kiss. I love his love-dovey-ness!!!

Here's hoping to a year worth of lovey-dovey-ness from both monkey and Steve.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Don't You Just...

Hate it when losers try to post comments on your blog? Good thing I get to accept or reject the comments.

Haunting Past

I'm trying once again to sell my old bridal ring set. People are always interested in them, but they either want to break the set up or they lowball an offer.

I'm sick of these rings hanging around the apartment.

Anyone intested? I'll ship them! LOL

Until next time...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Canada Day

Happy Belated Birthday, Canada!!!
I was too busy having fun yesterday to post then. Plus I have pictures now of the day to share.

I spent most of the morning just hanging out at home. Mostly on the computer checking out the new Bad Girls kit and add-ons. Very beautiful month. I'm already jealous of everyone who's getting it all, and of course of the Design Team who gets everything a month early. I can only hope I can develop in style and make an awesome team like this one some day. I have a long way to go, but I'm willing to work on it.

Monkey and I spent the afternoon at my parents' house. It was sunny, warm and there was a beautiful breeze. Monkey played with his water table, there was a water gun fight or two and the big surprise! Monkey is now the proud owner of a Dodge Viper! It's so cute. And to keep it cute, it's staying at my parents' so the kids at our complex don't ruin it. All the kids at our place share the outside toys. It's great but the kids are rough; that's why I keep the water table and the car elsewhere. We're up at my parents at least once a week or more, so Monkey is still getting a lot of use out of the toys that are there.

Monkey playing in the new Viper

Jess had to try out the Viper too!!

I played photograpgher last night too. I attemped to take pictures of the fireworks. I snapped about 200 picutres the whole day. I got maybe 50 good/ok-ish ones. And this is why I love digital. I can snap away and only need to print the ones I really like. I can't wait to get the Rebel fixed...

Until next time...