Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Murphy's Law!

I’ve decided to kick my lazy butt into gear and finally do something about the extra weight I’ve been carrying around. I’ve complained enough, it’s time to work it off. The local Curves was promoting no membership fees for signing up during the month of October. I went to check it out. I was offered a week long guest pass to try it out; see if it’s something I can commit to. I was wary at first. I’ve always had this weird self conscience thing about working out in front of other people; and at Curves, all the machines are in a circle facing each other and there’s always a staff member watching to make sure you’re using the machines right. I figured I needed some motivation. So I bought new workout clothes and a new pair of running shoes (because you’re not allowed to wear outdoor shoes inside Curves). Thank you, Zellers for having a great sale on shoes and an even greater selection of clearance active wear. There’s my motivation; I spent money and now I had to get use out of it. I went to Curves three times. They say three times a week is all you need to benefit from their program (keep in mind, you have to challenge yourself in order to lose weight or tone up. If you don‘t work those machines or work your muscles on the recovery boards, you aren‘t going to see any change). On the third day, Monday, I joined. I was all hyped up about it.

I was supposed to go again today. I was excited to go as a member with my spiffy, little barcode keychain to sign in. Murphy’s Law got me again. I am sick. Very sick. Fever, achy, coughing…It had to happen today. I was still planning on going until my mother hid my car keys. I’ll go tomorrow if I’m feeling better.

I’m still pretty psyched I’m doing this. With any luck I’ll work myself back to being comfortable with myself. I’ve done the whole fad diets before. Some have worked and others have flopped. Last year, pre-pregnancy, I put myself on a diet and lost fifteen pounds in about three months. I gained it all back within three months of my pregnancy, and then some. I hate how my old “fat” pants that used to fall off me, but were comfortable on “fat” days, fit perfect now.

Joining Curves is for more than just slimming down. I want to, hopefully, tone up too. And the most important thing is to be healthy. Thank goodness I have fun while I’m at Curves.

Any women out there who don’t really like the gym, have trouble working out at home, can spare 30 minutes, three times a week, have motivation and want to have a little fun…Join your local Curves. It’s not all that bad.

By the way; happy Halloween. I'll be sure to post pictures of my lil monkey man all dressed up as a skunk for his first Halloween.

Until next time...Happy Haunting!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Time For a New Me

I highly dislike being sick. And sick I am.

I’m not too sure what’s wrong with me. I thought at first it was just a cold, but nothing is affected other than my throat. It’s sore, full of gross stuff and you don’t want to read more of that. Maybe I was right and it’s just a form of a cold or the flu.

None the least, I didn’t let it stop me from working out today. I have decided to get off my baby fat ass and do something about the extra weight I had pre baby and the added from post baby. My mother, sister and I all went to Curves this evening. My mother was there to support me. My sister was there to make fun of me. I was there because I know it’s time to make myself feel better. For a woman who thought she was out of shape to the extreme, I think I did well. I pushed myself and felt really good after I was done. All three of us are going back on Friday.
My ultimate goal is to be comfortable in a bikini again. It’s been many moons since I last wore one. My short term goal doesn’t even have to do with weight or fitness. It’s just to make sure I go workout a minimum of three times a week for a month. Once I’m past that month, it’ll be come habit and then I can work on weight or inch goals. I’ve already cut back on my pop intake a great deal over the past two weeks. I made a case of pop (12 pack) last me from the 6th to today. In all honesty, that is huge for me. If there’s pop in the house, I can drink it like its water. I’ve been making a good size dent in my sister’s Crystal Light packs. Taster than plain ol’ water all the time and only 5 calories. Who can beat that? Don’t get me wrong, I like drinking water; I just don’t want to drink only water. I don’t drink coffee (unless it’s a flavoured latte from Starbucks) and I don’t drink tea other than the odd herbal one in the colder months. I hate orange juice and try not to drink too much fruit juices. I dislike milk other than the odd glass chocolate milk. I even dump out what I don’t eat along with my cereal or with my cookies when I dunk. And even though I love green Kool-Aid, I’m staying away from it because of all the sugar. So water and Crystal Light are two choices I can enjoy.

Until next time…

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Getting Older

Today is my father’s 50th birthday. Happy 5-0, Dad! I’m not sure if he feels old, but I do know I do. I feel old to have a parent in their 50’s. After 50, most people tend to think more about their retirement. Those who know me must think it’s strange I mention retirement. My dad retired about seven years ago from the military with twenty-five years of service under his belt. My mother, who is not in her 50’s yet, also retired ten years ago with twenty-one years of service. My parents now working civilians.

I used to think 50 was really old. 50, to a young me, meant you had lived your life, you were ready to stop working, your kids were all grown up and you had a litter of grandkids running in circles around you. Well, my dad’s lead a good life, but it’s far from over. My father is a workaholic; and even when he does retire I’m sure he’ll keep his self busy around the house until his body completely gives up on him. Dad has one grown up kid (me) who keeps coming back home and one kid (my sister) who is still in high school. And he has one unplanned, but very welcomed, grandchild (my little monkey) who is trying to run circles around him, but still needs help. My father is nothing like I thought a 50 year-old should be. Then again, I thought all that up when I was five. Heck, sixteen was old back then.

I think I’d doing well over all with how old I am. I’m nowhere near where I wanted to be at this stage in my life, but I still have high hopes for the future. I just have to figure out how to get what I want. Hopefully, this year back home will help me figure some of it out. Or at least keep me busy trying to figure it out while I wait for my beloved to come back home to me.

Until next time…

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Growing & TV; or Growing Out of TV?

I cannot believe how fast Monkey Man is growing. Almost everyone I met throughout my pregnancy said to enjoy the baby because he’ll grow fast. Well, I blame all of you who said it for my son’s rapid growth. He used to be so tiny. I remember how his clothes used to hang off him. Now my seven-month old is wearing size 12-18 months, depending on the clothing brand. When people see him for the first time, they think he’s over a year old. I get questioned on how his motor skills aren’t more developed and why he doesn’t know how to wave or say hi or bye-bye yet. Monkey Man has grown more than double his length since birth. He outgrew his infant seat that goes with our travel system about two months ago and weighs in at 21 lbs; hard to believe when none of his pants fit him at the waist and fall to his knees when he’s cruising around the couch.

He just started cruising late last week. He hasn’t figured out how to sit up from a lying yet, or even how to crawl (he rocks on all four, but hasn’t figured out how to move his hands and knees); but stand him up and the baby walks. He’s been walking while holding someone else’s hands for a while, now he’s figured out if he holds onto the couch he can walk without someone’s hands. So he cruises along the furniture now and then lunges at a dog when they come too close. I keep thinking he’s going to slam his face on the floor so hard he’ll knock out one of his new teeth. He has three now.

I noticed this morning I don’t watch much TV anymore. That could be a good thing. I don’t want Monkey Man to become a TV watching drone so I try to keep it off as much as possible. He has a few Baby Einstein DVDs we watch on occasion, but they’re a rarity too. I much rather get him involved with something else that gets his mind going. He’s so naturally inquisitive and I’d like him to stay that way. I realized I have no idea when any of the shows I used to watch are on anymore. I realized I missed the Simpsons and Family Guy three weeks in a row. Two shows I absolutely love. My mother reminds me when House is on, or I’d miss that too. Sometimes, if Monkey Man is down for his first nap, I get to watch Rachael Ray in the morning. I love this show. I have a couple of Rachael Ray’s cookbooks and love them. Most of her meals are so easy to make and taste great. I like the cooking part of her talk show the most; and every once and awhile there’s a segment I enjoy too. I really enjoy Deal or No Deal. I have no clue to when the new shows are on and tend to watch repeats on Tvtropolis. I want Deal or No Deal Canada to come back and for them to pick me to be on the show.

More often than not, the TV is on for background noise. I make a point of turning it off if Monkey Man is watching more TV than playing with his toys.

Until next time…

Monday, October 15, 2007

A New Day, A New Blog

I used to blog. It seems almost like a life-time ago, rather than a few months. I stopped shortly after Monkey Man was born. We just had way too much going on with all the complications we had when we finally came home. Now life is a little calmer; perhaps a little boring.

I’m all moved into my parents’ house, but I would say we’re far from settled. Monkey Man is still sleeping in his Pack N Play because we had yet to set up his crib. His clothes are still in piles on my couch because I still don’t know where to put them. Everyone is tripping over each other and everyone has an opinion on how I raise my own son. At least there’s people to past him off to when I need a minute to myself, or have to go to the bathroom. I love that he knows who his mommy is and I’m the one who gets the most cuddles, hugs and kisses. Each one is a reminder of the unconditional love he has deep within him.

It’s been eleven days since Steve left for Australia, but who’s counting. He called this morning. It was so good to hear his voice again. It was comforting. I knew I was going to miss him long before he left; I had no idea I would miss him this much. Everyday is hard and there’s no signs of it getting easier. Everyday I sit down with Monkey Man and show him pictures of Daddy. It’s my way of insuring he doesn’t forget who Daddy is; even if it is all in vain. With any hope, Chase will greet Steve with a hug and a “dada” when he comes home.

I have decided to get into scrapbooking. I’m really excited about it. I’ve ordered a few stuff to get myself started. I even bought two surprise lots from Ebay. My first lot came in today. It felt like Christmas since I really didn’t know what I was going to end up with. Oddly enough, the item I’m the most excited about is a Heidi Swapp Edge Distresser. I think it’ll be a lot of fun to use; and it’s pink! I got a lot of really cute little boy themed rub-ons. I’m mentally creating pages already. I’m going to need to write some of these ideas down. I think I’ve found a productive hobby to keep me busy when the baby’s sleep and I’ve got nothing better to do. I’m going to keep at the knitting too. I’m very slowly getting better. I’m half-way through a scarf right now. A nice easy pattern for this newbie. I want to be able to make a pair of bunny mittens for Monkey Man next winter. They’re cute, warm and, hopefully entertaining as puppets.

Until next time…