Monday, September 27, 2010

Swing of Things

I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things here. Wee man has been a joy to have here at home for the past almost three weeks. We're getting to know each other and are starting to fall into a routine. I have found scrap time within this routine. I know it's not going to be a daily thing, but I was happy to get in some scrap time this past weekend. I completed three layouts and a card with the October kit from The Scrapping Bug. I also finished up Wee man's announcement cards. Just need to address the envelopes now. I also finished up a special album for my best friend; which I forgot to take pictures of. I'll try to remember to take pictures of her wedding album when I do that one.

Here are some projects from before Wee man was here that I hadn't taken pictures of...

Crazy Bunch - This one was for a scraplift challenge at WeScrap. Photo credit: Sarah Layfield

Big Boy, Little Sleeps mini album - This mini album has been in the works since March. That's when I started taking pictures of Monkey Man taking naps. I knew I was going to go a mini with them. When I saw these papers, I knew they were perfect for this project.

Have you seen Basic Grey's 2011 calendar kit yet?
I did up three 2010 calendars. One for me, and then one for both my mom and sister. All three of us loved them so much, I'm doing three again this year. I'm just collecting pictures of Wee Man to add to the calendars. I know it's easy to make my own calendar instead of using a kit; but I love Basic Grey. The calendars are lovely and I don't have to spend a fortune trying to buy up the papers and embellishments I want to use. It's all together for me. 

Until next time...

Monday, September 13, 2010

5 Days Old

Now I have a real excuse for not blogging. 5 days ago, someone very special decided to make his grand entrance. And grand it was!

My water broke at Babies R Us on September 8th, at 38 weeks into my pregnancy. I drove myself to the hospital. I wasn't feeling anything but kinda gross. Water breaking is not pleasant. I went from feeling nothing to major contractions in minutes, but hours after the water breaking. I almost gave birth sans epidural. Not by choice, but because it took that long to get one. I was asking for one an hour before I got it. Almost right after I got it, I was ready to push. My doctor decided she had time to go get a tea from downstairs. The nurse had me reach down and deliever my own baby in the doctor's absence.

Mr Jasper Daniel was born at 8:23pm on the 8th. He was 7lbs, 12oz and 21" long. He's amost a pound smaller than his big brother.

Jasper is the complete opposit of his big brother. Monkey didn't want to come out; after being induced, I still ended up with a c-section. Jasper, was all too happy to come out and came out fast. Monkey was up all night and slept all day. Jasper, lets me sleep a little at night. Monkey cried loudly and a lot. Jasper makes little kitten-like sounds and only cries when he has a gas bubble or wants to cuddle.
Big brother Monkey has taken to the baby really well. I couldn't have asked for more, We're very happy right now.
Until next time, when I'll hopefully have the announcements done so I can share.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I've been neglecting this blog! I've either had no energy to bother posting, or too busy to bother posting. And I can't even promise to be better. With the baby due any day now (two weeks and one day until my due date), I don't know what life with a newborn will be like around here. Plus I'll be getting ready for my best friend's wedding. I have to wait until after Nugget arrives to try on my dress and get it hemmed.
Anyways, a new month is upon us and I had some fun playing with The Scrapping Bug's newest kit. It's full of my all time fave line from Jillibean Soup.

Pre-School Bound  -- My little monkey is starting pre-school this year! He's so excited. Since he won't be starting until November, this was the best I could do right now to show his excitement.

I Wear Glasses -- And not too many people know that I do. I don't wear them often. I wear contacts on an almost daily bases. I'm also known for running around without contacts or glasses too. I can see, just not as well.

The Apple of My Eye -- He really is!

First Day of School -- Not really...This is a picture of Monkey from last September (look at his chubby toddler cheeks! I miss those). He wanted to go to school so bad last year. I promised him once he was potty trained he could go. I'm so glad he'll be starting in a couple of months.

And just because working with the kit got me on a Jillibean Soup kick....I created this one once I was finished.
At 28 -- Just a bunch of facts from when I was 28...A month ago. Ha!

I have two mini albums I completed last month that I will have to take pictures of soon. Hopefully I'll be sharing those soon.
Until next time....