Friday, December 9, 2011

Lesson Learnt


I now know that my body does not like grease covered foods anymore.

Yesterday, my mom and I decided to head into the city with the boys for a spur of the moment hunt for my dad’s Christmas present. He is, seriously, the hardest person in the world to shop for. What do you get a person who has no hobbies and doesn’t like clutter?

Anyways, we decided to hit Harvey’s for dinner. I would have preferred Subway, but mom really wanted Harvey’s. I caved in.

I had an original burger with cheese and a side of onion rings. I checked the points and I had enough points to cover it. I didn’t feel too bad spending my points on it.

About an hour later, I had the worst stomachache. I felt horrible.

I don’t want to go to Harvey’s ever again!

I’m sure I will at some point, but I think I’ll pick a grilled chicken burger or a salad instead. Lesson was learnt.

Today we woke up to snow gently falling from the sky. It looked so lovely. It’s a school day for Monkey. I bundled everyone up to walk him to the bus stop. Once he was safely on the bus, Muffin and went for a 3.1 mile walk.

I love walking outside when it’s snowing. I especially love big, fluffy snowfall. Not what we’re getting today, but it was still nice. Everything is quiet and peaceful. At least it was until we went by a snowplow. Those things are noisy! I enjoyed walking around, singing Jungle Bells with Muffin. He was so bundled up, he was nice and warm by the time we got home.

I took the time to shovel the driveway, walk way, front porch and back deck. Ranking up those activity points, burning off some of the fat I’m sure I packed on with yesterday’s burger and onion rings.


Paige Taylor Evans said...

Isn't that interesting how if you stop eating greasy foods for awhile and then you splurge it really gets to ya? Hope you're having a great new year so far!

Glenda T. said...

I do that all the time! It seems like a good idea at the time and then after uuugggghhh!! haha!