Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy 2009!

Life is starting to return to normal again. The house is quieter with only one child running around now. The house is cleaner with only one child running around.
I miss the noise and the chaos.
I can’t wait for Steve’s Rugrats to come visit us again.
I took down our Christmas tree this morning. It freed up a huge space in my living room. We had moved Steve’s grandmother’s bookcase into the hall to put it up last month. I think I prefer the bookcase in the hall. The hall doesn’t look too bare anymore. And now there’s lots of room in the living room for Monkey’s new easel. We were talking about buying a little table for Monkey to eat and colour at. We now have room for one. Maybe for his birthday. It’s coming up too soon. Less than two months away.
So Christmas is officially over in our house. Everything cleaner up and put away. Okay, not everything. We still have a few presents that haven’t found a place to call their own yet. And we still have presents at my parents’ house that we couldn’t fit into the car before. Hmm…Maybe it’s time to think about a mini van…My new printer, beater and slow cooker are all still there. Along with some more of Monkey’s toys and new clothes. I was going to go pick them all up yesterday and spend some time with mom, but I’m sick with the flu. I didn’t want to chance getting mom sick with her surgery being today. I’d hate to get her sick when she needs her strength to recover from the surgery. It’s not major surgery, but it’s a life changing one. The results of this surgery, no matter what, will change all our lives. Needless to say, I’m worried, I’m scared, I want what’s best for my mother. I will keep thinking positive though. The results just might say it’s early and she can beat this illness. I’m hoping to hear her next surgery for partial lung removal is being booked soon. It means she’s going to get better soon. If radiation or chemo is mentioned…The fight is just beginning…
On to lighter news…
I currently have six scrap projects on the go. My brain’s going into overload with ideas for layouts and projects. I think I need to step back and tackle only one at a time. I want to enjoy the process and come up with something I love instead of something that’s just okay.

I made this for my mother for Christmas. I really wasn't sure if I should have given it to her. I made it before my aunt passed away. I really regret giving it to her so close to her sister's death. I wish I would have waited. I feel so terrible about it.

I made a couple of candle holders for Steve's parents.

I put together a quick, little photo album for my grandmother.

And these are the cutest, little notepad holders! I can't take credit for the idea. I got the idea from Tracie.

I also made a shadow box for Steve's sister, but I forgot to take a picture of it. It turned out really good too. Oh well. All that matters is she and her boyfriend loved it. I'm so glad.

Until next time...

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