Thursday, January 15, 2009

Timers, Mom and Check it Out

What would we do without timers?
Let me rephrase that…
What would I do without timers.
More importantly….
What would I do without the timer on my stove?
I have never pretended to be a chef, let alone a good cook. I don’t think I am at all. In college, I lived off of broccoli steamed in the microwave toped with cheese, Kraft Dinner, Mr Noodles and anything I could get that took 5 minutes in the microwave or could order and have delivered. The only way I knew how to cook chicken was to pan fry one of those partially pre-cook frozen ones that come out of a box. I then went on to getting engaged to a cook thinking he’d keep me well fed. He didn’t cook much at home. Although I did learn some tricks of the trade from him.
It wasn’t until I met Steve I decided to learn how to cook. There was this unexplainable desire to take care of him. I’m not sure where it came from or why I still have it (I also have a desire to make good food for Monkey so he doesn’t eat just processed crap like his half siblings). Steve is handy in the kitchen. He makes a mean quesadilla, awesome eggs, the bestest progies and so much more. I’ve taken over as head chef (if you wanna call me that), but Steve is a great sous chef.
My only problem in the kitchen is I still get bored if what I’m cooking takes too long. I’m a huge fan of Rachael Ray’s 30 minute meals because they keep you busy from start to finish; and they finish fast. If I’m left standing for more than a minute, I wander away. I use my timer to keep me in check or I just might burn down the house.
I love my stove timer. I also love how the light comes on inside my oven when I open the door; but that’s another story.

Update on Mom….
Mom has been doing well since her surgery. It almost looks like the doctors gave her a tracheotomy. Only the hole is closed instead of open. I thought they were going to cut lower, but no…Her new, swollen scar is at the base of her neck. The good news is there was only on lymph node with cancer in it.
She met with her cancer team yesterday to go over her treatments. The doctors believe with some aggressive treatments they can 100% beat this. Her treatments start on the 26th and will be for 7 weeks. Radiation and chemo together. Sometime after treatment she will be going into surgery to remove the upper half of her left lung.
Mom’s been really brave through all of this. She’s hopefully her hair will grow back by summer (I reminded her she might not lose her hair, although I think she will. And I reminded her my sister and I are only a hop, skip and a jump away. She only needs to call us and we’ll go wig shopping with her). Mom has also hinted she might want another grandchild. She told me I have to get a good paying job and get it soon so I can go on maternity leave. What a lady… I love her like crazy!

And lastly….
Check it out!!!! My project is featured on ScrapScene!!!

Until next time...


Tara said...

Great news on your Mom!! I hope she heals quickly. She sounds like an awsome lady!
Cool blog toot too. Love the spool.

Bethany Kartchner said...

So funny about the timer! I've just started using mine and our meals are a lot less burned now! (giggle...)