Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Thomas Craze

Someone really should put a warning on Thomas the Tank Engine toys!
Warning! Child may become obessed with toy!
We bought Monkey a Thomas bath toy for Christmas. He enjoys the show. I looked at the Thomas toys that are out there and was floored with how expensive most of them are. Not knowing just how much Monkey would like them, I bought a bath toy. It was under $20 and comes with a Thomas and a Cranky (though Cranky cannot be moved from his spot). There's a floating track that Thomas can zoom around.
We opened this toy Sunday night. Bath time turned into an hour long play fest. The only way Monkey would come out of the tub willingly was for us to let him hang on to Thomas. We tried to change his mind by setting up the Geo Track train set he got from Steve's parents. He loves it! Only the Geo Track train doesn't spend as much time on the track as Thomas does. Monkey even went to bed Sunday night with Thomas.
He ate breakfast with Thomas; he played all morning long with Thomas close by; he ate lunch with Thomas; he napped with Thomas. He didn't go to bed last night with Thomas, but he remembered where he left him. The first thing he did this morning was run to Thomas. "Hi, TeeTee! Hi!" (He can't say Thomas. He calls Thomas TeeTee).
He loves that darn toy.

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