Thursday, January 8, 2009

I am feeling lazy today. I have no energy. I think I burnt it all up yesterday. I made a very yummy soup from scratch, I cleaned the living room, kitchen, bathroom and scrap area and I organized my side of the closet (it so badly needed it!). I am currently avoiding cleaning out the two hall closets and Monkey's closet. They all need it too.

My scrap area is no longer cleaned up either. I woke up early (before 7am!) and played until Monkey woke up. I have so much Christmas and winter themed papers everywhere I've decided to use some up and get rid of the rest. I'm getting tired of looking at it. I'm really itching to do a mini album out of cardboard boxs from Christmas about Christmas. I have everything ready to go. I'm also itching to use my Life At The Pole papers for something. I wanted this line from the moment I heard about it, then I finally get it around Christmas time and it's just collecting dust. I am a Sassafras Lass hoarder. I love it so much I want to keep it around forever! I must work on using it up. It's all so yummy!

I'm also finding I dislike being in my scrap corner lately. It's as organized as I'm going to get it with the limited space I have available, but it's not organized to my liking. It's frustrating me to no ends. I really need to find a new job so I can finally afford the wall unit I want and then I can finally organize to my liking. There we go...A new goal. Somehow get that wall unit. And some fun organizing stuff like those in the picture.

How cute are they? 12x12 paper holders, available at Micheal's. I love them!

Okay, I'm off to the scrap desk to get some of the ideas for layouts and mini albums out of my head and down on paper.

Until next time...

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