Friday, January 23, 2009

Monkey said his first full sentence!

"Mommy, come back!!!"

Not a mouthful, but it delighted me to no ends. Mainly because he was talking to me. It happened a couple of nights ago. We were reading books while he sat on the potty. We finished up the small pile of books so I went to get some more. While I was picking out a couple of books, Monkey yelled his sentence. It threw Steve and I off for a moment and all we could do was laugh. It was so darn cute. I didn't even know he knew the words come back. I love my little monkey.

Our Graco Travel System (stroller and infant car seat) is finally gone. I sold it on kijiji this week. A little part of me is having some separation anxiety. The stroller and car seat combo was one of the first things we got for Monkey. Because the stroller sparked a huge fight between Steve and I, my parents ended up buying it for us. It was the one I wanted. It was cheaper than the one Steve wanted. We bought our Pak N Play (play pen) the same day. Steve and I agreed on that one. It's a beautiful sage green. It was Monkey's first bed. It's now our travel bed. I'll be keeping that one for the next baby.

I have been trying to scrap, but I think my mojo is playing hit and miss with me. I have ideas floating around, but I can't seem to get them down on paper. I have five layouts started, but only one finished. Maybe I need to take a break. Maybe I should work on the Christmas stockings that never got done last year. I'm halfway through two of them.

Until next time...

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Linda F. said...

Aww...Isn't that the best?! Our daughter's first sentence was "That's my Daddy!" of course, I wasn't there to hear it, but if she wasn't Daddy's Girl already, that certainly did the trick!