Friday, January 30, 2009

What I've been up to this morning:
I have been going through our junk, getting it ready to sell on Kijiji. I have successfully sold our stroller and infant car seat on there last week. I got an email from the buyer's mom thanking me for it. The lady who bought it loves it. It makes me feel good to know she'll get good use out of it. And it freed up a ton of room here. Storage is something we have very little of. Although I would have loved to hang on to it for the next baby, I didn't want it hanging around for another three to five years. As much as I hate to wait that long for the next little monkey to come along, now, or any time near now, is just not good. It would be unfair to bring a child into our lives right now with everything going on.
Anyhoo...I raided Monkey's closet today. Here is what I pulled out. An overflowing diaper box full of clothes. There's onesies (short and long sleeved), shirts (short and long sleeved), pants, pjs (one pieces and two), outfits (2-3pcs sets) and a bunch of socks. I haven't even looked at jackets and shoes yet. I do have a 2pc snowsuit (18 months in size) that he grew out of last month. I thought ahead and had a bigger snowsuit on hand. I have 45 pieces of clothing, 3 lots of onesies and 6 outfits ranging from 12-24 months going up for sale. Anyone interested? hahaha
Look at this cute little jacket/sweater I found hanging in Monkey's closet. I love it! I forgot I had it. He wore it last spring and fall. I have little football onesies that I bought to go along with it. This might still fit him. Once naptime is over, I'm going to try it on him. If it fits, we're going to keep it for the spring. If not, it gets added to the other stuff on sale.
I have a bunch of other stuff that go up for sale too. Including my old Bridal ring set. They've been haunting me for four years now. I loved them then, still think they're pretty now, and have no use for them at all. I want them gone.
I have a ton of scrapbook stuff I could part with too. Brand new Life at the Pole stamps (I ended up with two sets), an entire Bo Bunny line (last year's valentine line I think) and so much more. It's about $100 or more of stuff.
Not to mention all the large baby stuff I have in storage that can go to a new home. A Rainforest jumperoo, an Ocean Wonders swing, an infant tub and more. Goodness...I thought I had cleaned most of the clutter out when we moved into our new place!
Until next time...

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