Tuesday, May 17, 2011


The other day I was in a crafty mood and decided to get a little messy. I pulled out a canvas and some paints.
I ended up with this (Please excuse the poor lighting. The colour is totally off):

I don't really like how the clouds turned out. But it's a learning process. This was my first time attempting a painting. I've worked with canvas before, just in a mixed media setting. I do like how it turned out over all. It'll be nice in my new living room.

Now on to some scrappys.
I posted my May challenge last week at WeScrap. This month, I was inspired by Steve. He's all about straight lines. Guess that comes from drawing buildings all day long. My challenge was to create a grid.

And because Steve's always likes things straight lined, I angled my picture.

The next layout is based on last Saturday's sketch by Sarah. Check out WeScrap to see the sketch.

And since that's about all I have to blog about right now, I'll just leave you with a picture of baby toes...

Until next time...

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SusieJ said...

Gorgeous canvas Jen. And I love your LOs - you have a very cute boy there. :)
Hugs xx